Pável Pardo is a symbol of America | Kevin C. Cox / .

Representing Club America is one of the greatest privileges for a footballer and there are even those who do such a good job in their ranks that they enjoy staying for several tournaments until they become legends.

Since the inclusion of short tournaments in Liga MX, there are several players who have left their name written in gold letters as they had the most number of matches with the cream-blue jacket.

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Rodrigo Lara closes the Top 10 of the players with the most matches in short tournaments in the Americas.

The midfielder is in charge of closing the Top 10 and although he debuted since the era of long tournaments, it was enough to be registered.

The Mexican World Cup champion defended the institution from 1990 to 2002, adding 239 matches in short tournaments, with the closest persecutor being Oribe Peralta, who left Coapa with 216.

The ‘Cuervo’ Rojas is the ninth historic of the Eagles. | Kevin C. Cox / .

The Chilean defender lived three different stages in El Nido, arriving for the first time in 2001, being an indisputable starter winning a League and a Giants Cup.

After a slight loan to the Catholic University, remained from 2005 to 2007 to re-raise another League; Finally, his last stay was in 2009, which, thanks to his more than seven years as an Americanist, exceeded 300 meetings.

Óscar Rojas became a national team thanks to his performances in Coapa. | LatinContent / .

Since his sporting debut in 2001 with the blue-cream shirt, the right-back also became a regular starter, thanks to this, he managed to place himself on the list, also passing the 300 games.

The Kevin had two stages in Coapa, in his debut championship, as well as from 2004 to 2012, until he made his way to Pachuca, to add 305 matches.

He won a League, Champion of Champions, Mexico Cup, CONCACAF Giants Cup and CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco is one of the greatest idols in America. | Stephen Dunn / .

In the historical table of more games, counting long tournaments, the current governor of Morelos is ninth in the list, but speaking of short tournaments he is in eighth position after four different stages like azulcrema.

However, even when not in the Top 5, El Temoc is a symbol of Americanism, lifting four official titles in 315 games.

The ‘Gringo’ Castro was able to attend the 2006 World Cup in Germany. | DAVE EINSEL / .

Under the command of the Argentine Alfio Basile, the winger managed to debut with America in 2001, having a great time at the institution that led to the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

His last year was in 2008 when he joined the ranks of TigersNot without first raising two Leagues, a Champion of Champions, the CONCACAF Giant Cup and the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

Gringo reached 318 games.

Ochoa can still increase his numbers at Guard1anes 2020. | Jam Media / .

The goalkeeper adds 335, but he can increase his account since he is the undisputed owner under the management of Miguel Herrera at the Guard1anes 2020 Tournament.

Paco Memo debuted in 2003 with the capital team, remaining until 2011 when he made the decision to go to Europe with the Ajaccio from France. On August 6, 2019, his return to the club was announced, which saw him born after eight years in the Old Continent.

Paul Aguilar wishes to retire with the América jersey. | Azael Rodriguez / .

The current captain of the Eagles is in fourth place with 348 duels, in addition to the fact that since his arrival at the team in Clausura 2011 he has not come out at all, in addition to establishing himself easily on the right wing, awarding himself seven trophies.

Like Ochoa, he can increase his number of duels, without knowing if they will really be able to reach the first three due to his age.

Pável Pardo was the captain of the Eagles for a long time. | Kevin C. Cox / .

The Baby stands as the third with the most duels played in the history of short tournaments despite the fact that he did not emerge from the ranks of Coapa.

After five years in Atlas and one in Tecos, America signed him in 1999 when he was seven years old, until the opportunity to go to Europe with the Stuttgart from Germany.

On his return, the midfielder played two more years with the elastic azulcrema, boasting four titles to his credit.

After his departure from Coapa, Duilio continued to demonstrate a high level in Puebla and Rayados. | ALFREDO ESTRELLA / .

The current sports president of Scratched It is the second step with 416 games, since he dedicated ten years of his life to defending the colors of the Eagles.

His sports debut was with Tecos, but he arrived in Coapa in 1997, until he was thanked in 2008 and had to go to MLS.

The defender won seven scepters as an Americanist.

Germán Villa stands as the player with the most matches in short tournaments in the history of America. | LUIS ACOSTA / .

It seems that no one can ever reach Eight Lungs, as it stands at the top with 530 matches after three different stages: from 1991 to 1998, 1999 and from 2000 to 2008

Who also made the leap to Europe with the Spanish added nine championships to the Ame showcases.