the 10 most powerful characters (so far)

Unique among gacha games for its open-world experience, Genshin Impact appears to have taken the world by storm since its launch in September 2020. Available on various platforms – including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and PS4 (with a version for Nintendo Switch. on the way) – is possibly one of the most accessible gacha games to date.

Although she is sometimes considered a fortune teller, Mona hates the idea of ​​using her skills for money, no matter how hungry she may be. Your main motivation is simply your research. Since she does not exploit her powers, she is not as influential, recognized, or powerful as others on this list.

8 Jean Gunnhildr

(Acting) Grand Mistress of the Knights of Favonius, Jean also holds the title of Knight of the Dandelion and Dandelion, well known for his tireless efforts to help the citizens of Mondstadt, no matter how small the task. . Literally the backbone of his city, Jean is dedicated to his duty as Mondstadt’s sword and shield.

Jean’s mastery of her Vision is quite versatile, as she is able to both heal her allies and blow her enemies away with a flick of her sword. Although she is highly respected and revered, her influence does not extend far outside Mondstadt, limiting it in terms of political power.

7 Xiao / Alatus

Although he has the appearance of a young man, Xiao is thousands of years old and the last remaining Yaksha in Teyvat. Like Yaksha, Xiao was tasked with exterminating the demons that plagued the land after the Archon War. Xiao and his brothers ended up accumulating what is known as karmic debt, which wears out each other’s soul and sanity. Although Xiao has remained in control of himself, he has stated that he is in constant pain.

Like Yaksha and Adepti, Xiao wields immense power, and his name is highly feared and respected among the other Adepti. His thousands of years of combat experience give him extensive knowledge of fighting, and he has demonstrated the ability to teleport anywhere he wishes. However, he does not have much influence in the affairs of mortals, which affects his overall « power ».

6 Zhongli / Morax / Rex Lapis

On the surface, Zhongli appears to be an ordinary businessman, apparently having no money when he needs it. In reality, Zhongli is one of The Seven, the Archons who rule the seven nations of Teyvat. He is also one of the last individuals of the original Seven and is the oldest living god.

As the lord of Geo, he is capable of creating and displacing large amounts of rock and terrain, and many of Liyue’s mountain formations are said to be his throwing spears from the War of the Archons. In addition, he was able to create the blackberry, the Teyvat coin, which received his name. Even without his Gnosis (which gave him much of his divine powers), his 6,000 years of life have endowed him with great intelligence and experience in almost every influential aspect of the world. Also, he’s still very good at fighting.

5 Tartaglia / Childe

A member of the 11 Precursors of Fatui, Childe is well known and feared throughout Liyue as a master fighter. Considered one of the most dangerous Precursors, he possesses a large amount of blackberry, is a very skilled spy and manipulator, and possesses a Vision and a Deception, the latter with enough power to drive an individual insane.

Childe masters sword and marksmanship, and displays great control over his hydrovision and electrical delusion, creating large constructions of water and electricity like giant whales and lightning bolts. Thanks to his status as the forerunner of the Fatui, Childe also wields great influence in almost every nation that has been seen in the game thus far, as the Fatui have established themselves under the guise of diplomats.

4 Ningguang

Leader of the Liyue Qixing -the governing body of Liyue- Ningguang is one of the richest people in the world. He has achieved his status through hard work and perseverance, and he almost always looks at situations from a business point of view. In addition, she is the owner of the prestigious Jade Chamber, a floating palace designed by her that contains the secrets, information and business of almost all of Liyue.

Ningguang is also very skilled in managing his Vision, which the Geoarcher has given him, and also possesses powers that do not seem to be related to his element, such as levitation. Additionally, he can mobilize and fortify the Jade Chamber with seemingly little effort and using abilities that are unclear.

3 Venti / Barbatos

Venti, a traveling bard in Mondstadt, is noted for his rather carefree demeanor and love of wine. Like Zhongli, Venti is an Archon in hiding and is, in reality, the god Ameno Barbatos. Although he barely gets involved in Mondstadt politics, he makes an effort to police his domains and intervene when necessary. Venti does not want to rule Mondstadt, as it goes against the principle on which it was founded: Freedom.

Despite this, Mondstadt is largely devoted to and highly regarded by the god Ameno, and its inhabitants do their best to follow their wishes to live freely. This makes him very influential, as Mondstadt lives up to his words. Combined with his expert aim and control over Ameno, he largely makes up for his lack of Mora.

2 Signora

Like Childe, Signora is also a member of the Heirs of Fatui and seems more ruthless. When he first appeared, he incapacitated the Traveler, Piamon, and Venti with a single snap of his fingers and was able to forcibly rip Venti’s Gnosis from his body. Notably, he did so apparently without access to a Vision or an Illusion.

Although little is known about her yet, her actions speak for themselves, and other characters note that she is probably much more powerful than she says.

1 The Traveler – Ether / Lumina

Genshin’s main protagonist, The Traveler, is a powerful person by nature, but his uniqueness is what truly sets him above the rest. A being from another world (and possibly a god himself), the Traveler seemed to have access to flight and superhuman speed, and possibly has a myriad of other powers that were sealed early in the game.

Still, even without access to these abilities, the Traveler can « resonate » with the powers of numerous gods and is said to be able to master whatever item he obtains. Although it is not yet a feature of the game, it is possible that in the future players will be able to switch items at will rather than looking for the different statues of the Seven to switch. Along with the connections they’ve been able to form in Monsadt and Liyue, they also have a certain level of influence that no other character has.