The 10 Most Dangerous Villains Geniuses Have Fought

Possibly the hardest working hero in One-Punch Man, Genos has faced many enemies. The Demonic Cyborg never takes a day off and fans can guarantee that he is the first to arrive on the scene when humanity needs to be saved. Fortunately, Genos’ hard work is paying off and he continues to climb the hero rankings, currently residing at 14th in the S-Class.

However, it has not been an easy path for Saitama’s disciple. With their successes, failures have also come. Genos has been ripped apart and rebuilt more times than fans can count. But without these blows, the android would not be the hero he is today. Continually improving his parts and gaining valuable experience in battle, Genos improved significantly throughout the show. This list shows the dangerous opponents who helped him reach such dizzying heights.

10 Mosquito Girl

Genos’ first opponent, Mosquito Girl was a demon-level threat with devastating powers and a sadistic attitude. A product of the House of Evolution, the villain was blessed with all the abilities of a mosquito. In addition, he possessed immense strength, equal to Genos’ and tore off his arm, and impressive speed, dodging several Genos projectiles. As if that weren’t enough, his powers were further increased by absorbing the blood. Mosquito Girl helped fans understand Genos’s capabilities, as well as Saitama’s, who defeated her with a single punch.

9 G4

G4 was a highly destructive robot created by The Organization. Originally intended to collect battle data on the S-class hero King, the villain ends up fighting Genos after King flees. G4 is a demonic-level threat that possesses an extreme amount of firepower. The machine can move at high speed, use laser beams, and easily break theft. Furthermore, he possessed a giant sword to use against his opponents. During the fight with Genos, the S-class hero was pushed to his limits. But after his victory, Genos gathered the G4 parts and used them to enhance his own capabilities.

8 King of the Deep Sea

The self-proclaimed ruler of the seas, the King of the Depths was an arrogant and powerful monster who enjoyed seeing the suffering of others. Classified as a demon-level threat by the Hero Association, it first appeared in J-City and immediately took out several heroes.

His physical power was off the charts, surpassing the S-class hero, Puri-Puri Prisoner, and matching Speed-O-Sound Sonic’s speed. Genos had an extremely difficult battle against the King of the Deep Sea, and the monster’s abilities only increased further when it rained. This battle was another loss for Genos who was saved, again, by Saitama.

7 Speed-O-Sound Sonic

For some fans, Speed-O-Sound Sonic is an anti-hero, not a villain. However, the obsessive ninja has done some pretty terrible things and has no problem taking on the members of the Hero Association. As the name suggests, Sonic is blessed with inhuman speed. During his battle with Genos, he created various afterimages by moving. Even a fully upgraded G4 Genos struggled to match Sonic’s speed. Also, the villain is trained in the art of ninja forms and is deadly with his sword. He’s definitely not an opponent to mess with.

6 Roach Wake Up

A demonic-level threat and a member of the Monster Association, the Awakened Cockroach was an immensely powerful villain who disturbed the Genos during their encounter. It possessed inhuman speed, outperforming a fully upgraded G4 Genos. Furthermore, the villain was extremely durable and powerful, damaging the demon cyborg. What made the Awakened Cockroach truly terrifying were its heightened senses that allowed it to dodge almost any attack. He claimed that his body could sense intention and therefore would be able to react before his opponent moved.

5 Garou

If this was the current version of Garou, the hero hunter would undoubtedly top the list. However, when he came across Genos, Garou was still developing his skills. The villain is a world-class martial artist, recognized as the best Bangs student before he defected, and he is the only winner of the super fighting martial arts tournament. His experience in fighting allows him to surpass those with higher physical attributes, such as Master Tanktop, and the inhuman reflexes of the human monster make him capable of dodging the blows of the Demon Cyborg.

4 Carnage Kabuto

The strongest member of the House of Evolution and a Dragon-level threat, Carnage Kabuto demonstrated the difference in power between a demon and a dragon when he decimated Genos in a matter of seconds. Possessing tremendous physical strength and speed, Kabuto smashed Genos against a wall, defeating the cyborg with little effort. He gave multiple blows to Saitama, one of the first monsters to do so. The villain was enduring and undaunted by Genos’s firepower. However, it was not durable enough to survive a hit to the Cloak Peeling.

3 Gouketsu

A Dragon-level threat and an executive member of the Monster Association, Genos declared that Gouketsu was the strongest monster he had ever encountered and that his power was on the same level as Saitama’s. Originally a talented martial artist, Gouketsu turned into a monster after eating some monster cells and his power increased exponentially.

He easily defeated Suiryu, a martial arts master with the power of an S-class hero, and took on the demon cyborg in an off-screen battle. His strength, speed, and bloodlust seemed limitless and showed that geniuses were a long way from catching Saitama.

2 Meteors

Can a giant rock be classified as a villain? Well, even though he has no conscience, he almost destroyed a city. Assigned as a Dragon-level threat, the Meteor was an alien rock that had the potential to take down Z-City. Extremely durable, the rock withstood the firepower of the S-Class Metal Knight Hero and Geniuses. To make matters worse, the S-class rank 3 hero Bang appeared, only to conclude that his combat abilities melee would be ineffective. The hopes of humanity fell on Saitama, who destroyed his main body. Despite this, many chunks broke, causing significant damage to Z-City. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported and the heroes lived to fight another day.

1 Elder Centipede

A level Dragon capable of destroying entire cities, the Centipede Elder first appeared in Z-City, facing off against the S-class hero, Metal Bat. The monster possesses immense strength, destroying a city just by walking through it. His durability made him nearly indestructible, taking multiple hits from Metal Bat, taking minimal damage from Genos’s strongest attacks, and surviving the final attack from Bang and Bomb, the two greatest martial artists in the One Punch Man universe. The Monster Association compared it to a natural disaster and were it not for Saitama, the Elder Centipede could keep crawling, causing chaos.