The 10 mistakes you can’t make this summer

This summer do not make any of these 10 mistakes that can make your car pay dearly. This is all you should avoid.

Alberto de la Torre Reyes

August 3, 2021 (12:30 CET)

The 10 mistakes that you should NOT make this summer so that your car does not suffer

The rush to go on vacation, the desire to go to the beach, the extreme temperatures … summer is a difficult time for our car, when mechanics can suffer plus inclement weather and the demands of greater efforts. Therefore, before we get going, we cannot forget to review some details.

So that our vacations do not end in the workshop before returning home, from Norauto give us a series of tips that we can apply in summer so that the mechanics and other components suffer as little as possible with the scorching sun of these months and the extreme heat. Especially when we go to the beach.

Pay attention when you ride

And before taking into account any other consideration, from Norauto reminds us that the first thing we should pay attention to is the wheel, to the circulation and to any other of the elements that surround us. Because with trips and visits to tourist places, it is easier for you to increase distractions and not always put all our senses on the road.

In the same way that we have to pay attention to the wheel, We must not lose sight of our clothing either, as this will facilitate or complicate our movements. Don’t wear flip flops to drive, one of the most used accessories in summer and that, however, are not recommended to get behind the wheel. Always carrying a pair of slippers in the trunk will give us extra security. Don’t drive wet or sandy, it will annoy you while driving and distractions will increase.

Another common mistake we make when driving in summer is keeping a inadequate temperature inside. Excessive heat causes drowsiness and fatigue, increasing the risk of an accident.

On the beach, you must pay special care with your carOn the beach, you must pay special care with your car

Be very careful with the heat

Precisely, to avoid this last problem with heat, it is essential to use a sunshade when parking. Although we are lazy to put it every time we park, it is a gesture that will only take a few seconds and that will greatly extend the life of the interior materials and, in addition, it will allow us to access a more pleasant interior when we start the car again.

In the same line, park whenever you can in the shade or under a covered place, because beyond the interior temperature and the aging of the materials, the battery or the tires suffer from the highest temperatures.

And watch out for the beach

The beach is one of the places where our car can suffer the most. If possible, do not park next to it and protect your vehicle behind a building even if it means walking a few more meters. With this we will limit the salt that accumulates on the chassis and bodywork, which, if not cleaned well, can generate rust on structural parts vehicle.

In that sense, before returning home clean the car profusely. This will allow us to get rid of all the accumulated dirt and salt, the components will suffer less on the return and, therefore, we will limit the risk of suffering a breakdown. And don’t forget to dry it well before you get going. Humidity can cause electrical problems and in beach areas it is usual for it to be higher than in our usual residence.

Finally, Before starting off, check fluids and the condition of the tires. The heat causes the tires to lose pressure and, in this way, we will limit the risks of punctures or blowouts. Checking the fluids before going on a trip will give us an extra security, it will allow us to check that we have not suffered any damage and it is a habit that we should always take before we start.

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