More than 4 months ago, a bomb fell on the NBA. Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus and the competition stopped immediately. We still remember the nervousness that was experienced in that match between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Utah Jazz, which had to be played that night, but was eventually canceled.

03/12/2020 06:03

Drastic measure of the best basketball league in the world, which is completely suspended until further notice in the coming weeks

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Since then, many things have happened on all continents and also in the best league in the world. A pandemic like the one we are experiencing leaves thousands of news and in the case of the NBA, it has important dates that are worth reviewing, to realize how we have reached the moment in which we are: the day when it begins again one of the biggest shows in the world.

1. March 19

That day it was decided to shut down all the facilities of the NBA franchises. After disinfecting each and every one of them, the teams sent the players home and asked them not to leave home except in exceptional cases. The best league in the world closed its doors.

2. April 29

After more than a month of total silence, the first news is given that creates hope. The Walt Disney complex in Orlando offers itself as a possible organizer of a bubble in which all the teams can concentrate, with the aim of ending the season

3. May 8

Adam Silver has a meeting with all the players. In it he explains that they have thought that the season could start in June.

4. May 20

The news that a previous month had been known, becomes official. Orlando would host the restart of the season. The NBA already had a place to play safely.

5. May 29

One of the most important dates: the NBA made it official that the season would begin on July 31. Finally, it was changed to day 30.

6. June 4

In a meeting with the governors of all the States that have a team in the NBA, the organization proposes a League consisting of 22 teams, so the 8 franchises that had no chance of qualifying for the Playoffs would not be in the restart of the season.

7. June 5

Finally, the format that consists of a League of 22 teams is approved by the NBA and it is confirmed that the remaining 8 teams would already be on vacation.

8. June 23

The first COVID-19 tests begin to be done on the players and club employees who were going to travel to the bubble.

9. July 7-29

On day 7 the first teams arrive in the bubble and from that day the first preseason training begins and all the players begin to do weekly tests for coronavirus. In none of them is a positive recorded

10. July 30

The NBA is back. The dream of millions of fans around the world comes true. Remember, until October it is forbidden to sleep more than necessary.