The 10 best-selling electric cars in France in 2020

Sales of electric cars in France reached 110,912 units in 2020. This figure, compared to that obtained in the previous year, represents a great growth of 157%. Now, what have been the best-selling electric cars in French dealerships? We review the most popular models.

He electric car continues to gain ground in Spain. Although the registrations of this type of plug-in vehicle represent a very small volume compared to the total of sales, it is unquestionable that electric mobility is gaining followers. Even more so in a context of generalized falls due to a turbulent year 2020 marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, how are “our neighbors” doing? If we focus on France, we will find ourselves in a totally different situation from that experienced in Spain. There, the electric car does play a leading role in dealerships. The electric car sales in France closed 2020 with a total of 110,912 units traded, 157% more than in 2019.

Tesla Model 3The Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling luxury electric car in France in 2020

These are extraordinary sales figures. Even more so if we take into account that the French car market fell 25.5% in 2020 with only 1,650,118 new cars sold. With this volume of registrations, the electric car has already reached a market share of 6.7% in France. The incentives available for the purchase of this type of vehicle as well as the arrival of new models have been key to driving demand and continuing to move in the direction of massifying this technology.

Renault ZOE, the best-selling electric car in France in 2020

And what have been the most popular models? Let’s go one step further and break down the list of most demanded electric vehicles. If we take a look at the ranking of the 10 best-selling electric cars in France During 2020 we will get more than one surprise. He Renault ZOE clinches victory. The Renault utility, one of the best cheap electric cars, dominates its native country with an iron fist and, despite the arrival of new models, continues to lead the sales of electric.

He second place has been for the Peugeot e-208 and closing the podium, in third place is the Tesla Model 3. One of the surprises of the year has been the Volkswagen ID.3 (6th) which has burst into French dealerships with great force (as in Spain). Also noteworthy is the performance of the South Korean conglomerate Hyundai and KIA. The Hyundai Kona Electric (4th) and the KIA e-Niro (5th) are their electric best sellers.

Video test of the Volkswagen ID.3, one of the electric cars that have surprised us in 2020

The electric cars from French firms have a very strong weight. And is that four, of the ten models in the Top 10, belong to the Renault Group and the PSA Groupe. In this aspect, the ninth place achieved by the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense is quite striking.

The 10 best-selling electric cars in 2020The 10 best-selling electric cars in 2020Read news

The 10 best-selling electric cars in France in 2020

RankingModelSales 20201Renault ZOE37.4092Peugeot e-20816.5553Tesla Model 36.4774Hyundai Kona Electric5.1565KIA e-Niro5.0996Volkswagen ID.34.1877Nissan Leaf3.0438Peugeot e-20082.9339DS 3 Crossback E-TenseI2.71010M81IN Cooper SE2.71010M81IN