Despite the fact that the NBA has not yet officially ended and it is expected that in the coming months the rest will be completed, the 2020/21 season is already looking askance at so much waiting. Despite the uncertainty in all the actors that involve the league, those who are not suffering as much are the players with a current contract who already know how much they will earn in the next season.

Among the players who will pocket the most money, it is surprising that the first four positions are bases. Additionally, 7 of the top 10 payouts currently play in the West conference, for just three in the East. The most surprising fact is that half of these names have had injury problems and without going any further, five of them spent the season injured and Paul George has also missed games due to shoulder discomfort, added to load management.

Without much more ado and with many of the league’s superstars in the top positions, these are the 10 players who will earn the most money in the next campaign.

one. Stephen Curry (Base – Golden State Warriors) – $ 40-231,758

2. Chris Paul (Base – Oklahoma City Thunder) – $ 38,506,482

2. Russell Westbrook (Base – Houston Rockets) – $ 38,506,482

Four. John wall (Base – Washington Wizards) – $ 38,199,000

Four. James Harden (Escort – Houston Rockets) – $ 38,199,000

6. Lebron James (Forward – Los Angeles Lakers) – $ 37,436,858

7. Kevin Durant (Forward – Brooklyn Nets) – $ 37,199,000

8. Blake Griffin (Power forward – Detroit Pistons) – $ 34,449,964

9. Paul george (Forward – Los Angeles Clippers) – $ 33,005,556

10- Klay thompson (Escort – Golden State Warriors) – $ 32,742,000