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The uncertainty in the market is there, of course. But that cannot discourage you at all when it comes to getting any of the new cars on the market (yes, all with a DGT label). In addition, although electric vehicles are presented as the great solution to all ills, combustion cars still have a long way to go … even if only for their price! And if not, see a possible selection of the 10 best gasoline cars to buy for less than 15,000 euros.

As you can see, they are not the only ones that meet these characteristics, and some may be on the edge of going over a little bit of that budget limit that we have set, depending on the month, the specific offers, the extras you want … But we believe that the reference is good, since electrification and other issues have made the prices of many models that are advertised as being especially ‘Eco’ more expensive. Not to mention those with the most fashionable bodies (which is always more expensive).

So with this post we also want to show that 15,000 euros can give a lot of themselves and even offer the possibility of choosing several bodies (thanks to how ‘stretchable’ many current platforms are) that go beyond traditional cars with shapes, dimensions and features – and limitations! – typical of traditional ones urban and utilitarian. But above all, it is due to the offers that we have found, although the base price sometimes goes just short of that cap.

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1 Dacia Sandero

By price and possibilities, it should be one of the candidates to lead your pools, of course. And for its cost, which is one of the cheapest ones of all these and that has also just arrived as a new generation of the successful model, with different bodies and finishes, we open this list with him.

The Dacia Sandero 2021, as a 5-seater utility you have it from 10,884 euros.

2 Dacia Duster

The more economical brand of the renewed Renault Group also shows that getting into the SUV craze does not mean spending much more, although the differences with the Duster go far beyond the forms. In addition, this model stopped being so basic years ago, its finishes improved and the possibility of ordering it with a real 4×4 drive it also helped its good acceptance.

The current Dacia Duster, with 5 seats you have it in gasoline from 14,574 euros.

3 Fiat Panda

Other authentic SUV, from the segment of crossover, practical, successful and really capable even in the most difficult areas with its 4×4 traction (if you ask it like that) is the fireproof Panda. His career shares many points in common also with him Fiat 500, in that both have had to put the ‘batteries’ (and never better said) with microhybridizations so that, like other members of their segment, they contribute to the intended reduction in emissions (without having too much impact on final prices ) imposed by international entities such as the European Union and which haunts manufacturers and with good reason.

For now, the Fiat Panda also sports a good relationship between quality, price, possibilities and going to the fashion of SUVs, with a RRP that starts at 14,000 euros.

4 Fiat Tipo

Do you need more space? Looking for a sedan-like body with more trunk? Don’t you want the cost to skyrocket? Here the fight for a ‘three-volume’ bodywork due to the budget that we handle all the time once again had as its main ‘swords’ Fiat and Dacia. And yet, we opted at first for the Italian alternative, since it is a bit above the Dacia Logan in gasoline engine, finishes and aesthetics – more like a ‘real’ saloon. That cheap does not have to be lacking in style!

But with offers, the modest and not always recognized as it should Fiat Tipo (sedan), with five seats, four doors, if it goes away in price (the family, Fiat Tipo Station Wagon even more), although the Fiat Tipo City Cross is on sale, for For example, for 14,900 euros.

5 Skoda Scala

When it was introduced to us in the Czech Republic three years ago, we almost believed that Skoda had finally entered the compact segment. However, it was a utilitarian “without the need for SUV airs” whose platform allowed habitability, engines and technology typical of the C segment, without a doubt. And on top of that, it was pretty!

With 5 spacious seats and as many practical doors, the Skoda Scala ‘climbs’ many positions in our preferences. Although be careful, because it narrowly enters our selection of the 10 best gasoline cars to buy for less than 15,000 euros. In this case, part of the 14,300 euros.

6 Renault Clio

We return to the utility vehicles, which are actually the ones that move, like fish in water, between this price range that we have given ourselves, and if they fit you, they have the virtue of not being an SUV or crossover, so you will not pay an extra cost for joining this trend. In addition, taking into account that all members of segment B ‘have grown’ over the years compared to their predecessors, they have many ballots to end up in your parking space. Not?

Three decades later From its launch, the concept, agility and virtues of the latest Renault Clio, with 5 seats and 5 doors, are beyond all doubt and its price is the most interesting: its 12,490 euros of departure

7 Peugeot 108

Speaking of rivals, we are going for those of PSA (despite the fact that recent business movements force us to return to the Stellantis group, where the Italians from Fiat are also now). The duo of Citroën C1 (from 14,700 euros) and the Peugeot 108 are good candidates, but we are left with the cheaper of the two, because we do not go overboard.

The Peugeot 108, from 14,600 euros, without offers. With them, take a look at the 208, which is always more car.

8 Seat Ibiza

From Stellantis to VW group. The Spanish brand Seat celebrate 35 years of one of its star models, to whose birth and career it owes part of its own survival as a manufacturer since the mid-1980s, when it had to fight alone in the hardest years, without Fiat and still without VW.

The Seat Ibiza is also a bit on the limit, but now you can find it for 11,900, on the official website itself, so it still leaves room to equip it very well.

9 Toyota Aygo

As we mentioned in another recent post, it is curious that the most expensive Toyota (the GR Supra, which exceeds 50,000 euros) and the cheapest in the range, the Aygo (14,450 euros) are not exactly hybrids -the great bet of the Japanese manufacturer-, but of gasoline.

This second, the Toyota Aygo, you have it with a non-electrified combustion engine and with 72 HP, even if it is an urban one.

10 Hyundai i30

Finally, we go with another example of what can spread, it is not on the list, a gasoline car for less than 15,000 euros of budget. And above, a real compact, without nuances, very well equipped and with an ECO label for having a gasoline engine but with a 48-volt electrification.

The Hyundai i30 (MHEV) you have it with all those advantages and on the official website from 14,200 euros.

This article was published in Autobild by Rodrigo Fersainz.

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