The 10 best first-person shooters for iOS and Android

We collect great shooting games that you can play on your mobile anywhere.

The 10 best first-person shooters for iOS and Android

The rise of mobile telephony has meant a paradigm shift for our lives and its importance has also been great in the video game industry. More and more people are interested in playing on smartphones, but it is true that the main stores, such as Google play or App StoreThey are filled with a lot of content that sometimes does not have the same quality.

If you are lovers of shooters and you are mobile players, this special interests you. In 3D Games we wanted to select 10 sets of shooting and action in first person (important this nuance, because we are leaving out of that list the third-person ones) of Android and iOS that are currently the most recommended to play on your mobile phones and have a fun time.

Among them, for example, is Call of Duty Mobile, the delivery of smartphones from the famous Call of Duty saga, which such a good time goes through right now, with a record number of players in 2020. There are several titles that we think you will like, but as we always tell you in these types of articles, comment with other proposals so that 3DJuegos readers know even more videogames.

If one of the things that drives you back from the mobile is the control, we recommend 6 controllers for less than 100 euros to play. If shooters are not your thing or simply do you want to know more titlesWe invite you to take a look at the 8 open world games with the best graphics and 10 mobile RPGs that we recommend you try.

Shadowgun legends

Shadowgun legends In this video game, humanity has been invaded by aliens and has to fight against that threat. The game has a campaign, multiplayer PvP mode, and great weapon customization options. A great graphic section rounds out one of the best shooters today.

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 This video game has good control and great playability, as well as high-level graphics. Although it has an individual campaign, it focuses on the online section, with various modes and competitive rankings, since the title is committed to an esports approach.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 A new virus has turned people into zombies and it’s time to kill them to try to save ourselves. This shooter has a wide variety of levels, more than 50 weapons (both fire and melee) and has high-level graphics. A very stressful game.

Gods of Boom

Gods of Boom With cartoon-style graphics and a gameplay focused on multiplayer, this title will confront us with other players. Although the video game is also focused on esports, it offers us quick games, perfect to spend a while without having to overwhelm ourselves with time.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 This science fiction shooter with RPG elements offers us a 20-hour campaign, plus other special missions. You can improve parts of your body, as well as the more than 40 weapons that we will have. The whole cocktail is accompanied by a touch of terror.

World war heroes

World war heroes If you are fans of historical shooters, this may interest you. This game is set in the Second World War, it will put us in the shoes of different armies and has more than 50 types of weapons to destroy the rest of the players in their online modes.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile One of the most important mobile shooters. The Call of Duty saga is currently in incredible health and this game brings together maps from Black Ops and Modern Warfare in different multiplayer modes. The game also has a battle-royale mode, in case you like those kinds of modes.

Frag Pro Shooter

Frag Pro Shooter A lighter online shooter than others on the list, with shorter games and nice and colorful graphics. In this game there are about 80 characters to choose from (although they will have to be unlocked) and we can make our builds to kill the rest of the players.

Infinity ops

Infinity ops This shooter with a cyberpunk setting has very detailed graphics and introduces us to multiplayer team battles. The striking thing is that there are environments with less gravity, and we can also make use of jetpacks. It has a different gameplay and various graphic settings.

Standoff 2

Standoff 2 Special forces and terrorists duel in this multiplayer shooter with several game modes that also allows you to customize the controls. This game greatly rewards cooperation between team members and will remind you of some greats of the genre.

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