The documentary “The Last Dance” has left us a great sample of what was Michael Jordan and its Chicago Bulls, especially in the 90’s. However, very little is said about MJ’s third stage in the league with the Washington Wizards which was completed in 2003 and which was not very successful in sports.

However, even though victories were rare and the playoffs were never a reality, Steve Wyche of Wizards Talk Podcast (who was covering the team at the time) comments that the impact of MJ was incredible. According to his words, “when Jordan arrived in DC, he was everything we saw in‘ The Last Dance ’” and that what most impressed him was “that it is indescribable to try to explain how famous he was”

Wyche also added that “We saw in the documentary how Michael had to eat with the room service every day because he couldn’t go outside. In DC it was worse because he joined a franchise that was very bad in the NBA for a long time, that had nothing to do with the Bulls. “

The journalist recalled that the impact of Jordan was so great that when the Wizards played their first game under the tutelage of MJ as an executive, even then President Bill Clinton approached the stadium to see the Wizards. “It was a spectacular time,” he said. “I cannot express the magnitude of celebrity that Michael Jordan is. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in any sport or any coverage I’ve ever done. ”