The glorious chaos of life‘is the debut film by Australian director Shannon Murphy (Killing Eve). The film had its international premiere at the Venice Festival, where Toby Wallace (The Society) received the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor.

The glorious chaos of life‘It is also starring actress Eliza Scanlen (Little Women) who plays Milla, a teenager who falls madly in love with Moses (Wallace), although that becomes her parents’ worst nightmare. However, little by little Milla discovers what love really means, and what could have been a disaster for the family, soon allows them to enjoy the glorious chaos that life represents. A vitalist drama that celebrates the joy of living and explores how far we can go out of love.

After his official presentation in Spain at the Gijn Film Festival and his time at the BCN FILM FEST, ‘The glorious chaos of life‘It will be released in commercial theaters on August 21.

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