The center of the NBA Toronto Raptors, Marc Gasol has recognized, regarding the return of the NBA to the competition, which « Playing again is already a victory. The competing gene is what drives us players and more by having the option to win a ring close by. « 

07/02/2020 at 08:28


« We are going to die. We are a team in which our best virtue is mental strength. We do not make excuses for defeats, we have confidence in what we do and we are able to overcome all obstacles. Last season we lost 2-0 in the final and won the title why we know how to help each other in difficult times, « adds the Catalan.

His physical appearance, more fibrous and slim, is striking. He explains, « It has been possible by having the time to do it, especially after moments of frustration in the season for not having the right rhythm for the challenges ahead. Last season was very long, I had a busy summer in which we won the World Cup with the National Team. « 

A personal physical plan

« I did not have time to work on the physical issue and with the break we went to work, to recover the hamstring injury and we designed a plan between my personal trainer and the team physicists and we worked for that, with time and the result has been very satisfactory « .

The next season ends his contract and he doesn’t get carried away by the rumors about his future because, « I don’t care because now we have to concentrate absolutely in that atypical and unusual final phase that comes to us. Thinking about something else would be unprofessional and when the time comes to decide, we will decide with the letters about the montha.Now I just want to face the final phase and I want to help the team fight for the ring again, « he said.

In a telematic conference from Fort Myers (Florida) where the Raptors, current champions, have been since last day 22 carrying out a mini concentration until next week they will move to Orlando, 250 km to the north, to start the final phase of the NBA 2019-2020 with 21 other teams.

Little continuity

This season I have had very little continuity due to physical problems and in the break it has been an opportunity to recover the hamstring and face the end of the season with the maximum guarantees. The injury only allowed him to play 36 of his team’s 64 games with an average of 27.5 minutes per game of 7.6 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.4 assists.

He was not surprised by the termination of the contract by Barça of the one who was its coach, Svetilacv Pesic because « Professionals, whether we are players or coaches, we know this can happen because we are destined to constantly change when goals are not achieved; It is always so ».

At the age of 35, there is talk of a withdrawal, although he does not want to find out much about it. What he does acknowledge is that « my hope would be to retire at Girona, the club that I preside, is already in ACB, LEB Oro or LEB Plata to demonstrate all my commitment to that city and thank him for everything he represented and represents for me. « 

COVID19 earrings

The fact that there is a possibility that the final phase of the NBA cannot be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic is something that does not arise since « I am willing to abide by the majority group of players has decided. I am in Florida and here are 9,000 new cases per day. The team is in a ‘bubble’ where they do PCR tests every two days and with the strictest safety and health measures. « 

« The most difficult thing for me is to be apart from the family, I am a player, but above all I am a husband and father of two children, and they are a constant part of my state of mind; being so far apart is the most difficult thing. « 

The team’s posture before the movement ‘Black Live Matter’is « of total union and with a posture of rejection of racism. What we as individuals and as a team must do is step forward against that racism that you often see around you. « 

Highly motivated

« We are very motivated for this and playing this final phase people will be very aware of this sport and we will be the positive speaker of that movement, « he said.

He has been critical of Donald Trump because « he does not exercise the leadership that should represent all society. A leader has to unite people and lead in a more positive way and not use the message of low tolerance that he is sending. « 

One of her wishes is to see her brother Pau, « but the part of the player is secondary, only to see the brother whom I haven’t seen in months and I know how hard the injury is because he has passed it and as much as you follow the protocol it is a process that is not easy. Let’s see if he will be ready to play, although there are more important things than that. «