That is why Eduardo Capetillo did not want to kiss Thalía!

For this reason Eduardo Capetillo did not want to kiss Thalía! | Instagram

The famous actor Eduardo Capetillo did not want to kiss the beautiful singer Thalía in the soap opera “Marimar” and we will tell you what the reason was, because surely this fact had not even crossed his mind so read on.

Marimar It is one of the most remembered telenovelas in the history of Mexican television and the production starring Thalía stole the attention of thousands of viewers and marked more than a generation.

Starring the beautiful singer and heartthrob Eduardo Capetillo, this story became one of the favorites of the 90s, especially since the artists already had an important artistic career.

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Both Thalía and Eduardo were part of the group of young artists who had established themselves as the most talented of the moment, largely due to their impeccable performance as singers in the youth band Timbiriche.

The time they had been working together and the talent that both had for acting, made this great story quickly captivate thanks to the chemistry that the two managed to project.

However, this was not as easy to achieve as it seems, since Eduardo Capetillo began to present some acting difficulties every time he had to have a compromising scene with his co-star.

The production of the soap opera began to notice that every time the couple had to record kissing scenes, Eduardo became extremely nervous, a situation that they did not understand from the actor’s experience.

In no time, a member of the team realized everything that was happening back then and the “issue“Apparently he had a first and last name.

Anyone would think that the gallant’s nerves were due to the hypnotizing beauty of his partner and, although this could have something to do with it, the real reason for so much concern was the actress Biby gaytan, actor’s partner.

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By 1994, the year in which the telenovela was broadcast, Gaytán and Capetillo were already one of the most beloved couples in show business until today they became one of the most stable.

However, by then it seems that jealousy was already present in the relationship, so that Gaytán remained in the being when the kissing scenes between Sergio Santibáñez and Marimar arrived.

When a member of the production noticed the situation, he asked the former member Timbiriche not to be present in these scenes and that was how everything flowed in the best way.

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We were already giving each other our rich kisses, “said Thalía on one occasion after confirming the story.

As you may remember, Marimar was one of the most successful telenovelas in Mexico and also, undoubtedly one of the characteristics that most stole the public’s attention was the impressive performance of Thalía.

The protagonist was a poor young woman who falls madly in love with Sergio Santibáñez, however, the evil Angelica humiliates her and sets a trap for everyone to believe that she is a thief.

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After Santibáñez also fell in love, he felt disappointed in Marimar, so he also left her.

The protagonist makes a radical change of life and personality until she becomes Bella Aldama, who wants to take revenge on all those who hurt her.

And now, Thalía, at 49 years of age, is one of the most incredible artists in show business: not only does she sing like a goddess, but she also has great acting talent and is a businesswoman, showing women every day that there are no limits for them and that you can always, always achieve your dreams by working with discipline.