That ‘Dune’ is released in streaming is “disheartening” for Kyle MacLachlan

Warner’s hybrid model, according to which his films would be released simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max, aroused a lot of controversy as we learned about it in late 2020. Wonder Woman 1984 was the film in charge of opening it, and in the US it has also been applied to such a successful premiere as Godzilla vs. Kong. At the time of the announcement, the major received an avalanche of criticism not only from traditional exhibitors (major victims of a pandemic crisis that is not making things easy for them), but also from the filmmakers. Denis Villeneuve was one of the most vocal, on account of his long-awaited adaptation of Dune.

The movie would arrive on October 2nd to the streaming platform and the cinemas that can afford it (it is a mystery even if by then HBO Max would already be operational in Spain), something that motivated the fury of its director and concern about how this could affect the box office … and therefore to its possibilities ‘franchisable’. Villeneuve wants to tackle the very complex novel of Frank Herbert through two movies, and a poor gross would compromise Dune’s continuity. It is something that also worries, in a way, someone as closely linked to this work as Kyle MacLachlan.

And it is that the interpreter of Twin peaks Not only is he a big fan of the literary saga, but he also starred in the first unsuccessful attempt to take it to the cinema, in the Dune of David lynch. Now Paul Atreides has the traits of Timothée ChalametBut MacLachlan is eager to see what Villeneuve has done with the material and regrets that the big screen is not his only destination. “I’m wishing see her. It is one of my favorite books and I can’t wait to see what Denis Villeneuve has done with it. I think simultaneous premieres are somehow the future, and yet it’s disheartening because a movie like this deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible. “, he told the Seattle Times.

In theory, Dune would lead to a second installment and a miniseries destined for HBO Max, but Villeneuve’s relationship with the studio is currently very strained and it remains to be seen if it materializes. When it comes to MacLachlan, the actor is also aware of the difficulties of adapting Herbert: “I would advocate for three or more movies, because this really has the potential to expand. In my imagination, I always think of a great approximation of the type of Game of Thrones, where you have several seasons, or at least a series of 10 or 12 episodes “, counted last year.

That would be the ideal format for the first film Paul Atreides, and while Warner would undoubtedly also love to get more out of the phenomenon, it remains to be seen what Villeneuve thinks of the matter. Despite a dispute with Legendary Entertainment that at one point pointed to the contrary, it seems that finally Dune will be released at the same time in theaters and in streaming.