Lucero was seen as a whole diva

April 06, 20205: 49 AM

Lucero Hogaza León better known as Lucero or La Novia de América is a 50-year-old Mexican singer who has managed to conquer everyone for her great talent on the big screen.

In addition to the aforementioned, the artist has surprised us with her beautiful voice on more than one occasion, therefore the large stations continue to place their songs.

This time we have observed the beautiful Lucero on her official Instagram account wearing a beautiful leather outfit that lets her look simply beautiful. Much prettier than Belinda!

The image we are talking about quotes the following: “Here is a little taste of shooting for @hola_mx. They will love the article and the photos. Photos: Fede Romero @federomerofoto Styling: Laura Fernandez Hairstyle: Chuy De Los Santos @edgarychuy.

His fans have not stopped commenting on the image and among the comments we highlight: “Hello beautiful you are Divinely Beautiful you are like the wines the more time they spend in the barrels the better they get and tasty tea I wish blessings and beautiful beautiful night”.