When Avengers: Endgame hit the credits, it seemed the Thanos threat was over forever. But it might not be so, because a scene removed from the Russo brothers’ tape brought forward the return of the Crazy Titan. Maybe in an alternative timeline?

The scene in question takes place at the moment when Hulk he meets The old woman, in one of the multiple time travels of the Avengers to retrieve the Infinity Stones, only the deleted sequence happens quite differently than it was narrated on the big screen. When Bruce tells The Old Woman the plan, she tells him the following:

« If someone dies, they will always die. Death is irreversible, but Thanos is not « , explains the sorceress. « Those you have lost are not dead, they have just disappeared from existence. Which means that they can be returned. But that does not mean that it is cheap, » says the character of Tilda Swinton in the deleted scene.

The words of the Supreme Sorceress, although convoluted, mean that, just as Thanos assured that « it is inevitable », his death was also inevitable. And therefore it can also be brought back to life. Although this is unlikely to happen in the Marvel Universe, the possibility remains open, at least for an alternative timeline.

This deleted scene, which the Russo brothers decided not to include in the film version, augurs the possibility that, just like the Avengers, they went back in time to get the Gemssomeone could do something similar to bring back Thanos.

But given the case * what would your intentions be? For what reason would he bring the nemesis of Iron Man, Captain America and the rest of Avengers? Everything is possible in the Marvel Universe, but the return of Thanos, to this day, is ruled out.