Thanks to this AI you can talk to Einstein | Technology

Artificial Intelligence is beginning to be part of our daily life, many companies use this type of tool to create surprising effects. The last thing we have seen or, better, heard is the voice of Einstein in the XXI century.

Bringing a voice back to the world of the living is something that could be considered science fiction a few decades ago, but nowadays it is something so ordinary that even advertising companies use it for the marketing of some products.

These technological milestones are still applications of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, without going any further today NVIDIA presented a tool capable of creating 3D models of simple photographs. It may not sound like much, but these models are fully functional in graphics environments and therefore represent a breakthrough for video game development.

Returning to Einstein, those responsible for recreating his voice have been two companies: Aflorithmic and Digital Human creators UneeQ. Getting a convincing voice has been difficult as explained in an entry on their website, this is due to the strong German accent and the low quality of the existing recordings.

Both problems were solved by considering the development from another perspective: Starting from the data, they decided to model a voice that could be associated with Einstein and that it was easy for the public to understand. The result is a voice that you can hear in the video that we have linked to.

But you have come this far because you want to have a conversation with Einstein and, the truth is that it is possible, or at least with an AI that is very similar to him.

The next challenge they set themselves was to get the AI ​​to be able to carry on a conversation almost in real time And after putting deep learning to work with everything that is known about Einstein, the result is a bot that is able to talk to us.

Artificial intelligence is already on everyone’s lips, but few people know what it is. How does it work? How far can you go? What are its limitations? We answer these questions.

To speak with Einstein you have to access the following link and from there follow the instructions that the web tells you. You can both write and activate the microphone and speak to him directly, the experience is somewhat disconcerting.

The future is scary and it moves forward without mercy, it is possible that in a few years we will meet great stars of the past in television commercials trying to sell us the latest advances in skin creams. But meanwhile we can only be amazed at what algorithms are capable of achieving.