The NBA has launched a initiative In response to the coronavirus and different championship players participate to raise awareness. In a last video posted, Ricky Rubio, based in the Phoenix Suns, ask for unity at such a difficult time in our lives and advises to follow the sanitary recommendations.


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The message has been published in NBA accounts under the label of this #NBATogether initiative, in addition to the best known #Stay at home. Here is the full message:

“First I want to do a great appreciation to all the doctors, nurses, medical staff and all the people who are working very hard to keep us safe during that time”.

A message from @ rickyrubio9 #NBATogether # QuédateEnCasa

– NBA Spain (@NBAspain) March 26, 2020

“I know that we are facing very difficult and challenging times due to the spread of the coronavirus. We all have a role to play in this. It is difficult, but we must all support each other. Let’s do our best to help each other. We have to support each other and work together as a great team. “

“Further, if we are passing information to others, let’s make sure it is correct and truthful. Please, pay attention to the recommendations of health experts. From healthy habits to social distancing. Visit the World Health Organization website to find the latest information on the coronavirus, “the message concludes.