Thalia’s styling at 49 that all 20 want to imitate

Thalia’s styling at 49 that all 20 want to imitate
February 18, 2021 · 17:18 hs

Thalia She has put aside the scenarios a bit to dedicate herself to her projects as a businesswoman. However, she never stops being active on social networks, where she shows a good part of her life: how she trains, what she works on or who she is with.

Thalía simply beautiful

However, what causes more curiosity are the secrets that Thalía has to always look perfect no matter the occasion. One of these mysteries is hidden in her hair, which the singer preserves with its natural length, although she sometimes uses extensions to make it appear more abundant.

Another of the secrets has to do with your skin, which you take care of by hydrating inside and out. The singer has commented in several interviews that she uses a spray bottle to stay hydrated, especially when she is on a plane.

On the other hand, Thalia he usually wears clothes according to his age. Several of its essentials are jackets like the one we see in the photo and high-cut pants made in different types of fabric and shades.

Finally, the singer makes sure to accompany her clothes with different accessories to match the type of clothes she is wearing. Sometimes you only need a ring to close your style with a flourish. A premise of « less is more » that we like so much when we dress.