Thalía’s granny finally leaves Le Grand Senior asylum

Thalía's grandmother finally leaves Le Grand Senior (Reform)

Thalía’s granny finally leaves Le Grand Senior | Reform

Finally the actress managed to get her grandmother out, Eva mange, from Le Grand Senior asylum, but her health seems to be more affected than she herself thought and she was quickly transferred to the hospital, as a pleural effusion was detected in both lungs.

Doña Eva Mange, the singer’s grandmother Thalia and the actress Laura Zapata, was removed on Monday afternoon from the care center where she was allegedly mistreated.

This is how the cameras of the morning show Hoy captured the moment when Mange was uploaded to a ambulance to receive the first attention.

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Later, Thalía’s grandmother was transferred to a medical center where they did several studies and allowed her to go to Laura Zapata’s house.

It is worth mentioning that a nephew of the beloved artist was able to start a conversation with the morning cameras and revealed that they had some problems when it came to removing Doña Eva.

They took time because Laura did not want to sign, “he commented.

In addition, Thalía’s sister also spoke from her social networks, where she regretted the fact that the asylum has not arranged a stretcher for the transfer of her grandmother to the hospital.

Zapata’s nephew, despite not knowing all the details, assured that his family will continue with the investigations to end this matter that has so upset celebrity fans.

In fact, it was during the transfer of Le Senior Living to her home that the actress Laura Zapata decided to go to the Angeles de Las Lomas Hospital, where she stayed for approximately five hours, to find out the health status of Mrs. Eva Mange Márquez.

And it was there in this room when he was diagnosed with some conditions that had not previously been reported.

The doctors who accompanied my grandmother in her transfer to the house realized what they never noticed in the outgoing nursing home. Upon arrival at the hospital, a pleural effusion was detected within the medical diagnosis, “wrote Laura Zapata in a statement that she shared on her official Twitter account.

And according to Laura’s narration, the paramedics that took care of her Grandma During the transfer of the residence, he noticed an abnormal noise that presented in the respiratory system of the 103-year-old woman.

Despite her delicate health situation, the doctors update taking her home. I inform you that he will be under my city so that his health is restored to 100 ″, he continued.

Finally, the telenovela actress arrived at her home late at night on February 15, then spoke to the media and assured that the directors of the care center for the elderly tried to deprive her of her freedom when she refused to sign. a document.

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They had me kidnapped because they wanted me to sign a lying, tendentious and absurd medical report. So I wasn’t going to sign a lying review. (They told me) that then if I didn’t sign it, I couldn’t leave. I said they had me kidnapped then. I started sending messages and of course they released me without having to sign anything, “he said.

As we mentioned, it was on Monday that the actress Rosa Salvaje and her grandmother left the center of care and care for the elderly in which Mrs. Eva Mange was allegedly mistreated.

In fact, the actress announced this on February 14, through her social networks, and took the opportunity to remember everything that has happened since the day she discovered nine bedsores on the body of her relative.