Thalía shows her complicated home exercise routine

Thalía shows her complicated home exercise routine (Reforma)

Thalia shows her complicated home exercise routine | Reform

The beautiful singer Thalia She has continually motivated her fans to train like her and recently showed how her exercise routine is, with which she keeps in shape at 49 years old looking more beautiful than ever.

It seems that Thalía has not allowed the pandemic to interfere with her daily routine, since while many people, for example, abandoned exercise, the singer has done the opposite, focusing even more on her workouts in her home gym.

Proof of this is that, recently, he published a video on his official Instagram account, showing off his elasticity while performing his stretching prior to his Exercise routine of the day, impressing his millions of followers with his physical fitness at 49 years old.

In the recording, Thalía is shown as simple with a homemade outfit of dyed and star-patterned jogger pants, along with a short blouse tied at the abdomen and her hair loose with natural waves.

In addition to Thalia In the home gym she was surrounded by a treadmill to do her cardio minutes a day, there was also a multifunctional machine to train legs and arms, and a stack of dumbbells which serve to tone the different muscle groups of the body.

This is how the actress has also managed to preserve her eternal youth, with a healthy and balanced life consisting of a balanced diet, without excesses, and plenty of daily exercise, motivating her followers to also follow healthy lifestyle habits.

Stretch the body, stretch the mind, “Thalia wrote in the post.

This video was published yesterday, Sunday, January 17, and so far has more than 1 million views and endless comments from her followers who idolize her in each of her publications.

How cool !!!! Today I did Yoga “,” Unique “,” Cuerpazoooo “,” GODDESS EMPODERADA “,” I love your discipline “,” OOOOO BICHA BONITAAA “,” Wow incredible you are the best “,” Daddy give it to me “,” I love you my little coast ” , were some of the many comments.

It is worth mentioning that another of the favorite disciplines of Thalia it is yoga, which has allowed the singer to remain calm and clear in these last few months so complicated as a result of C0vid-19, a pandemic that has completely transformed the daily life of society around the world.

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And it is in fact that they say that 40 is the new 20 and the Mexican singer Thalía seems to exemplify that phrase.

Although she is 49 years old, the interpreter of “Amor a la Mexicana” looks a spectacular figure and in that recent post on Instagram she showed how she keeps fit.

Well, the year is just beginning and Thalía does not grant herself a single day without exercising and to show, the complicated routine she performs.

Since in addition to her stretching, with the help of her personal trainer, Thalía executed several movements on her trapeze to do Pilates.

Stretches and push-ups make up the singer’s daily routine, who in various exercises shows how she ends up hanging on the trapezius to strengthen her muscles.

On the other hand, about the figure of Thalia It was even said through an urban legend that he had removed a pair of ribs to have that tiny waist.

However, the singer herself has laughed at that story, but she has made it clear that after being a mother a couple of times practicing yoga helps her to stay in shape, as well as to have a balance between the mind, the soul and the body.

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