Thalía sells her Surf Club condo This cost!

Thalía sells her Surf Club condo This cost! (Instagram)

Thalía sells her Surf Club condo This cost! | Instagram

The famous singer Mexican Thalía and her husband Tommy mottola They have recently sold their Surf Club condominium for a millionaire sum, because although what they need the least is money, it seems that this property was in their way.

There is no doubt that the real estate constitutes one of the best investments that there can be and generally buyers are interested in places that have a high potential for appreciation, such as the construction of new neighboring buildings or the passage of a road new, either of the two will value the property.

During the contingency, some preferred to wait a bit to move their chips in the real estate, others decided to take a risk and are currently seeing the fruits of that decision, as is the case of the Mexican actress and pop singer Thalía and her husband, El music producer Tommy Mottola.

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It was during the month of May 2020 that the couple decided to take the risk and bet on a Surfside condo, located in Four Seasons Residences at The Surf Club, in Florida (United States), for the modest sum of $ 8 million.

At that time the contingency was just taking its first steps and the uncertainty was extremely great, however, looking back, the capital movement that the couple made was successful.

Today, after 11 months of acquiring the property, they sold it for $ 10.4 million, accumulating a profit of $ 2.4 million, not bad.

Thalía, whose full name is Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda, and Tommy Mottola paid, at the time, $ 2,026 per square foot for a residence measuring 3,948 square feet at 9001 Collins Avenue in Surfside.

With the passing of the months and the signs of improvement that the US economy has given, the valuation of the square foot increased and in this sale it closed at $ 2,634 dollars, accounting for a valuation of more than 600 dollars in 11 months.

Each unit of Four Seasons Residences at The Surf Club it has a total of four bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms.

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This is unit S-307, which, according to the records, was sold by TNT Miami LLC, led by Tommy Mottola to the trustee of The South Fifth Residence Trust, Richard Gold.

It should be remembered that the spouse of the Mexican singer is the current president of Mottola Media Group and years ago he held the presidency and executive direction of Sony Music Entertainment, one of the most positioned record companies in the world.

According to registration data, in mid-January the couple’s condo was initially listed for $ 12.5 million, a figure that rose to $ 12.7 million after a few days.

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Also, a month earlier, Mary Anne Shula, widow of the late Don Shula, who was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, sold her unit there for $ 11.6 million.

The person in charge of representing both Thalía and Tommy Mottola and Mary Anne Shula in the sale of these properties was Ximena Peñuela, in the company of Fort Realty.

The Mexican actress and singer is known around the world as the Queen of Latin Pop and has built a career in show business since she was little.

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She married Mottola at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York on December 2, 2000, the third marriage for Tommy Mottola.

Meanwhile, her husband Tommy Mottola, has worked hand in hand with celebrities of international stature such as Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, the Colombian singer Shakira, Jennifer López, Marc Anthony and Mariah Carey, among other artists.

It is worth mentioning that the latter, the singer Mariah Carey, confessed at the end of 2020 about her complicated childhood in the midst of violence and racism, in addition, she spoke of the stormy marriage she had with Tommy Mottola.