Thalía and Michael Jackson filter shameful video of the singer | Instagram

The beautiful Mexican singer, actress and businesswoman Thalía has been involved in a leaked video where she appears in one of Michael Jackson’s concerts, although for she admitted it was a bit painful did not regret.

In the aforementioned video the interpreter of “Mexican love” in what seems to be one of her Instagram stories because it is a video that she herself recorded making mention of the concert.

She is showing various cassettes of VHSYou may not know them, but they were large pieces of videos that were put on video cassettes to be able to see them, technology from some years ago.

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Thalía shares and at the same time boasts this occasion where in one of the concerts of Michael Jackson (in 1994) she took the stage as another fan and threw herself around his neck to hug him.

Although it lasts a few seconds for what can be seen, she begins to scream excited for her daring, and even more surprised when the interpreter of “Billie Jean” the hug returned in a tender way.

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She excited by the action of one of the best and greatest artists of all time begins to toast and jump remembering that fleeting moment.

In the leaked video, she also appears at one of her own concerts, and something similar happens one of the fans who were in her presentation. gets on stage but she is confused because she was asking for a flag.

Making a comparison of his acting with one of his fans and with the king of pop many would think that she behaved a little badly with her admirer however the one who took the stage was a man, she probably felt a little afraid, only she knows the reason for her rejection, even so her fans adore her .

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