Tfue, xQc, Nightblue3, Mendo, and GrandPooBear get banned from Twitch for stream sniping in Twitch Rivals

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Twitch Rivals is an online gaming tournament event that is part of the GlitchCon, event that replaces the TwitchCon this year, which could not be carried out due to the coronavirus pandemic. But the event has risen to controversy, since during a tournament Twitch Rival from Fall Guys, some streamers have been discovered doing steam sniping, something that is completely against the rules of the event, so the streamers zQc, Nightblue3, Mendo and GrandPooBear have been temporarily banned from Twitch and banned from future TV events. Twitch Rivals for 6 months.

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But what is stream sniping?

Stream sniping is a practice that consists of spying on your opponent’s stream, which is broadcasting live, in order to gain an advantage over him and thus be able to defeat him. This practice allows you to know the location of your opponent or their level of life, information that is crucial in any game.

The situation has been exposed by the same official account of Twitch Rivals on Twitter, which have been reviewing the tournament, agreeing that the aforementioned participants “They broke the code of conduct and the rules of the game”. The platform shows its disappointment with the players: “We always expect all of our participants to show sportsmanship and respect for others”.

The streamer xQc along with others have apologized for this incident through Twitter, but with apologies that do not convince the community much, since the streamer claimed to have done it only for fun and not to obtain advantages. Something that has brought him a lot of criticism since it is the fourth time that this user has been blocked from the platform.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord