Teyonah Parris says the ending is “very sad”

Monica Rambeau talks about the end of Wandavision | Marvel studios

The first series of Marvel studios in Disney + It started out as a humorous and lighthearted affair, but “WandaVision” has included some sinister moments throughout its run thus far. Actress Teyonah Parris comments on the ending of the series.

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During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Parris had some interesting words about him end of program.

“The remaining episodes are epic and incredibly sad. I mean, the whole show is incredibly sad for me, but I’m putting those words together, ”Parris said.

« WandaVision » She has faced Scarlet Witch’s pain head-on; the program deals with the trauma of losing her family, her brother, becoming an accidental murderer, becoming a fugitive, and then losing the love of her life by a madman who erased her from existence for five years.

« When I, well … I can’t wait to see what the reaction of all of you is when you learn with the aerospace engineer, » Parris said.

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“Everything about this show excites me. There are so many little surprises, things you don’t expect. So according to the theme the show has already set, I’m always excited. « 

Hopefully more fans when the latest episode of « WandaVision » premieres in Disney + on Friday.


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