Textile companies in Puebla stop production due to shortage of natural gas

Veronica Lopez

Puebla / 18.02.2021 10:54:06

At least 85 companies in the textile industry In different areas of the state of Puebla they went into technical strike due to the lack of availability of natural gas.

Carlos Couttolenc López, president of the Chamber of the Textile Industry (Citex), explained that the operations of this production chain have been affected, so adjustments in its processes are expected at least until next Saturday.

Before the alert that made the National Center for Natural Gas Control (Cenagas) for the industrial sector to reduce the consumption of this energy, the leader of Citex commented to MILLENNIUM Puebla that more than 50 percent of the 170 plants attached to the organization, that is, around 85 textile companies, were forced to reduce their operations.

He explained that Penalties for those who fail to comply with this call are millionairesTherefore, if they do not comply, it would even lead to an economic breakdown.

« The cost of fines for gas consumption are exorbitant, the charge could reach 2,000 dollars per gigajoule, consumption at this time is unpayable, so there are several technical stoppages, we already have plants stopped. »

Mentioned that natural gas is an essential input for the activity of this industry, hence, some plants that use boilers for washing processes and textile finishes are the most affected.

He estimated that the industry strike could be extended to next Saturday, although the situation will depend on the supply of fuel being regularized.

“There are plants that do not use gas, that is, they do not have a major cause of stoppage, the entire spinning part would not have to stop, but those that use boilers for some process cannot work, it is not a general stoppage, but a part important of companies are affected ”, indicated.

The representative of the textile industry in the state added that this production chain also has been impacted by blackouts recorded in the last three days, when power outages were reported in plants located in industrial parks such as La Resurrección and Parque Industrial 2000.

Couttolenc López considered that the shortage of natural gas and power cuts threaten productivity and the reactivation of the productive sector not only in Puebla, but throughout the country, in the midst of a complicated scenario in the face of the crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic.

« This affects productivity, it affects companies, because these blackouts can affect part of the machinery and that implies costs in the end, » he said.