Texas restaurants can now legally sell take-out liquor

Alcoholic beverages are required by law to be placed in a tamper-proof container.

Photo: ahmad syahrir / Pexels

There is good news for people who want to enjoy a drink at home, and it is that the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signed House Bill 1024, which makes it legal for Texas businesses to sell alcohol to go indefinitely. This law went into effect immediately.

The law was designed to help struggling Texas restaurants recoup sales lost during the coronavirus pandemic.

The sale of alcohol for consumption outside the restaurant facilities is being carried out through the branch collection system or home delivery, and it has provided restaurants with a new source of income at a time when some have lost more than 50% of their profits due to business closures.

It should be noted that many Texas restaurateurs had already been selling alcohol to go for more than a year, but were able to do this thanks to an exemption Abbot filed in March 2020.

This was the first time Texas business owners were allowed to sell alcohol for consumption off-site.

To further formalize the waiver, House Bill 1024 was passed by the Texas House in late March 2021 and by the Texas Senate in late April. The governor signed the law this week.

With the Abbott signing on Wednesday, Texas’ takeout rules are now permanent.

Charlie Geren, State Representative for the 99th District of the Texas House of Representatives, called this law a major victory for the hotel and restaurant industry.

The representative of the city of Fort Worth, Texas, and four other legislators – two Republicans and two Democrats – were the main promoters of the bill.

Some restaurateurs in the state have already declared that alcohol sales have skyrocketed for a year thanks to take-out service.

Alcoholic beverages – including mixed drinks – that are sold for off-site consumption are required by law to be placed in a tamper-proof container, which is intended to prevent drivers and passengers from consuming the beverages while carrying them. to the houses.

What’s more, companies that sell alcohol to go must have a food and beverage certificate, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

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