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One dead and several missing in the collapsed building in Miami-Dade

Miami, Jun 24 (.) .- Rescue teams are working in search of people trapped in the rubble of a Surfside building, in Miami-Dade, which partially collapsed this Thursday while its occupants slept, with a provisional result of a dead and an unknown number missing. Authorities have only said that there are people known to have spent the night in the Champlain Towers residential building who have not been located more than ten hours after the event. The television channel CBS mentioned that, according to a municipal source informed them, there are 51 disappeared. At a news conference there, Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said he fears more people are under the rubble and may not be found alive. “It is a tragic day, but we still have hope that we can find more survivors,” said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who visited the scene of the accident and the community center where family members and residents of the building await news of The authorities. The Argentine Foreign Ministry confirmed from Buenos Aires that there are 10 Argentines missing and from Asunción the Paraguayan Foreign Ministry said that there are 6 missing persons of that nationality, including Sophia López-Moreira, sister of the country’s first lady, Silvana López-Moreira, and her relatives . In addition to the deceased person, who was pulled out of the rubble in the early hours, 10 people were treated at the scene, 2 were transported to hospitals and 35 rescued from the balconies of the building, according to different official sources. TWELVE FLOORS COLLAPSED LIKE “PANCAKES” Around 01.30 local time (06.30 GMT) and in just seconds, 55 units of the 136 of the 12-story, 40-year-old Champlain Towers South building, located on the beachfront, they tumbled from top to bottom like “pancakes,” in the words of the mayor of the predominantly Jewish city. The causes are yet to be determined and the governor indicated that engineers are working to find out what happened, but indicated that there will be no immediate answers. “The building literally collapsed, collapsed, and I mean there are only feet between the floors where there were 10 feet (3 meters),” Burkett said. “We are not going to be as successful as we would like to find living people,” stressed the mayor. From the outside you can see the remains of what appeared to be a living room and two rows of bedrooms and air conditioners hanging from their own power lines over a mass of iron and tons of cement that fell from this building. The search efforts are led by Miami-Dade County firefighters with the help of trained dogs and are hampered by the rain that falls on a gray day in South Florida today. The great fear is the possibility that the building, whose apartments were sold for prices from 500,000 to more than 900,000 dollars, according to specialized websites, totally collapse while the search tasks are carried out. That’s why not only Champlain Towers South has been evacuated, but the adjoining buildings. “Many thanks to our brave and courageous Firefighters,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Cava Levine, who visited the site and spoke with US President Joseph Biden. “She offered the full support of the Federal Government to help our community during this difficult time. We continue to work with local, state and federal agencies as we respond to this tragedy and do everything we can to support affected families,” the Mayor wrote on Twitter. . Survivors of the collapse have been rehoused in hotels and a telephone has been set up for those looking for people from the partially collapsed building and a reunification center in the vicinity of Champlain Towers. Those who spoke to the press said that they heard a “great crash”, that they felt something like an “earthquake” and then saw a great cloud of dust that covered everything. “There was nothing left, it disappeared, it was erased,” Argentine Jacqueline Pakota told . about the wing of the building that collapsed, where she had two apartments. Pakota is distraught because friends of hers, an Argentine couple and their 6-year-old daughter, had moved last night to one of their apartments, which was “totally” destroyed. They are Andrés Galfrascoli, 45 years old; Fabián Núñez, 55, and the youngest, Sofía Galfrascoli Núñez, 6 years old. Two other Argentines, actors Gimena Accardi and Nicolás Vázquez, both couples, were also in the building when the collapse occurred but were saved. “We are fine, thanks for worrying,” Accardi wrote on Instagram. “We will do everything possible to identify and rescue everyone trapped in the rubble,” the Miami-Dade mayor promised. The building, which opened in 1981, was undergoing roof repairs, something that shouldn’t have caused the collapse, according to the mayor of Surfside. (c) . Agency

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