Tetris movie starring Taron Egerton coming to Apple TV Plus

The Tetris movie, with Taron Egerton, will be on Apple TV Plus. This was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, The same medium that also clarified that the director will be Jon S. Baird, known for directing the comedies Filth (2013) and Stan & Ollie (2018).

tetris taron egerton appleTaron Egerton in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

In recent months, the apple company has won the praise of locals and strangers, as it has made room for productions of the highest quality, such as Greyhound or On The Rocks, as well as series such as Defending Jacob or The Morning Show . Now, with this new feature already blocked and ready to join their ranks, the offer will continue to expand.

Contrary to what could be deduced from the title, this will not be a lightened story that takes the dynamics of the game as its main narrative, but will focus on the creation of the game and the subsequent legal battle for its rights. It is not yet known who will take on the role of Alexey Pajitnov, the programmer who developed the pattern of the little blocks that are stacked into colorful figures., but what is a fact is that Egerton will give life to Henk Rogers, who was a key piece in the entire conflict.

In an interview with GQ – which took place in August – the Kingsman actor spoke about the project and compared it to David Fincher’s Social Network, assuring that it would be “a crazy true story”, and even stated that the plot would involve to KGB agents.

tetris taron egerton appleThe Tetris video game.

Further, the project is known to be produced by Marv, Matthew Vaughn’s company, who collaborated with the actor on Eddie the Eagle and the aforementioned Kingsman: The Secret Service.

On the other hand, in addition to the Tetris movie, with Taron Egerton, which will be from Apple TV Plus, the technology company is preparing to work on Killers of the Flower Moon, the next work by Martin Scorsese.

Apple TV + matthew vaughn Taron Egerton tetris

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