Tetris Effect Connected review: a breath of fresh air [FW Labs]

Tetris Effect Connected is one of those surprises that comes when you least expect it, because this game manages to create sensations to such a degree that you will be playing, completely concentrated and still, moving your leather to the rhythm of what you can hear.


This game is pretty straightforward in the way it should be played, in fact, if you’ve played Tetris before, you already know how this one is played. You must remove rows of blocks, the speed is increasing, you can lower the pieces faster or immediately, etc..

The difference in this title is that you can activate something called « The Zone » and by doing, you can freeze falling blocks and removing rows. This helps to accumulate the elimination of rows so that you collect a huge amount of points.

In order to activate the time in The Zone, you will have to make a lot of points by eliminating blocks as you normally would and you will see a marker on the left side that will fill up confirm more points you make. It is best to wait until it is full to make many points, Although it can also help you get out of a hurry and be able to plan your plays well with frozen time if you are about to lose.

But the single play mode, the campaign, It is not the only experience that Tetris Effect Connected presents to us, but there is also the multiplayer mode.


As you should know, there is a competitive mode, where you will send your rivals certain amounts of blocks depending on your good performance. That also applies against you, because if others make a lot of points, you can also do very badly.

This way can be played against multiple opponents or against just one.

But the mode that most represents what this title is about, is the cooperative mode, because here you will join two other players to be able to defeat a series of zodiac bosses. At the beginning it will be basically like Normal Tetris, But as you progress, the boss will use attacks that can put you in check, such as removing rows of blocks or sending you giant pieces of Tetris.

But the boss is not the only one who can do something of great magnitude, because after a while, the screens of the three players connect and the blocks also, ending in a large screen where they take turns putting pieces anywhere they want. By accumulating a lot of rows, you will be sent to the boss and your screen will fill with blocks very quickly.

It is without a doubt one of the best multiplayer experiences I have had this year, because you can feel a real connection with the other players and you must work as a team like never before.

Visuals and audio

This is perhaps one of the best points of Tetris Effect Connected, so much so that the game itself asks you to use surround sound headphones to get the most out of this title.

Personally I used the JBL CLUB 950NC headphones and boy was the game worth listening to. From the first moment you listen to the audio of this title, you can realize that they put a lot of work and a lot of love so that it was not only in the background accompanying the game, but also part of it.

Each stage has a different theme and rhythm, which begins to sound when you move or rotate your pieces, only to increase as you continue playing and you can listen to completely unique musical pieces that will make you play Tetris to the rhythm of these.

It is impossible not to move your head to the beat of these songs and play to the same beat too, but none of this would be so beautiful without the visuals presented here.

We can see colors, scenes, shapes and other things with incredible resolution. All of the aforementioned reacts to our actions within Tetris and to our performance as well, So not only does music keep you company, but also the game itself, which seems to celebrate all your achievements with you. It’s like an endless Tetris party that you never want to end.


If you are looking for a unique multiplayer experience, then this is the game for you, as it will make you live some of the best gaming moments you could experience, So much so that I have been wanting more and surely I will continue playing it for a long time, either alone or accompanied.

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