Apparently for Elon Musk there is no higher law than “I do what I want” and that is, according to an article published in The Verge, the Fremont, California plant began manufacturing cars again in the midst of a legal battle he is holding with local officials because they told him he had to stop production during the quarantine.

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According to employees, who requested anonymity from The Verge, the company lhe licked some of his workers and built around 200 Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. This action followed Elon Musk’s threats to move Tesla’s operations out of state, while suing Alameda County for the order to close the factory during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As soon as The Verge published the article, they themselves claim that Elon Musk tweeted a message announcing that he is reopening the Tesla factory, violating the Alameda County order, announcing that he will continue working on his production line and asking that if there were to be retaliation, only legal action be taken against him: “If someone is arrested, I ask that it be only me,” wrote the manager.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Verge, nor did a spokesman for the Alameda County Department of Public Health comment.

Tesla’s Fremont factory has been closed since March 23, One week after Alameda County issued the initial order to stay home, and a few days after the California governor issued a state version.

Tesla had spent that time of intervention trying to convince local officials that he should be allowed to continue manufacturing his electric cars due to guidance from the Department of Homeland Security that automobile manufacturing is “national critical infrastructure.”

For their part, the Alameda authorities explained at the time that they were working closely with the Tesla team to reach an agreement, but ratified that the agreement was not yet concluded. In other words, Tesla did not yet have permission to reopen the factory.