Tesla engineers have shared the first images of the artificial respirator that the electric car brand develops to help manage the coronavirus crisis. Without going into specific details, they do confirm that it takes advantage of various components of its vehicles.

This new respirator is added to the 1,255 units that Elon Musk himself had already imported directly from China, taking advantage of the contacts of his gigafactory in Shanghai. The firm has not yet confirmed when it will be ready or how many units it will be able to produce in the coming weeks.

Tesla has posted the video on his official YouTube channel and Musk himself has echoed it through his personal Twitter account.

One of Tesla’s engineers confirms that the product recycles already existing components in its street cars. It is a situation that also occurs in the case of Seat Martorell, which recycles the electric motor of its windshield wipers to create its own version, the OxyGEN.

These advances come two weeks after Elon Musk confirmed that the New York gigafactory would open its doors to manufacture respirators, thus responding to the request of the United States government to the automobile industry.

Ford has already said it will produce 50,000 respirators in the next three months, and General Motors will also contribute, not without Donald Trump previously invoking a military law to intervene in its production.

Tesla’s case is paradigmatic, because Elon Musk was a denier of the crisis in the early stages of the pandemic. The visionary said that fear of the virus was worse than the virus, but he radically changed his position, importing medical supplies from China and joining their production.

336,776 positive cases of coronavirus have already been confirmed in the United States and 9,655 deaths have been recorded.

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