Tesla Model S Plaid is already a reality with 630 kilometers of autonomy and 100 km / h in 2.1 seconds | Motor

After months of waiting, Tesla announces that the Model S Plaid has already been launched, full of important advances in autonomy and power.

Although Tesla is usually in the news at times due to too many circumstances that have little to do with its vehicles, when it presents a new model it is inevitable to look at it to observe each of the details that make this manufacturer famous. The company has just finally launched the Model S Plaid and its features are very interesting.

From the first moment we knew that the Tesla Model S Plaid was going to be an especially powerful vehicle and in the official presentation that took place a few hours ago they reminded us again. They have met the power, so much so that Musk has called it the fastest production car in the world.

To talk about him in this way you have to know some details, such as that complies with what was previously announced and goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.1 seconds, as well as that it is capable of traveling 400 meters in less than 10 seconds, in 9.23. As to maximum speed, reaches 320 km / h.

Say goodbye to scrapers, water jets and other annoyances: Tesla wants to replace windshields with lasers that disintegrate dirt from the glass.

But with the Model S Plaid we are not talking only about power, because the other most commented aspect is in the autonomy when it reaches the very interesting figure of 630 kilometers under EPA cycle.

As reported in, part of the success of the vehicle is in the electric motor with carbon-coated rotors, an extremely difficult material to obtain, according to Musk. But there are details that have not been fully clarified, such as the battery that with 15 minutes of charge reaches 300 kilometers of autonomy. Although at all times they have tried to convey the feeling that we are facing a modern and especially advanced car.

Regarding the interior of the Tesla, an aggressive design has been chosen in which the yoke steering wheel stands out. In addition, levers of all kinds have been eliminated when changing them for buttons, including indicators.

On the infotainment system, has been installed a 17 “center screen that can be rotated and two more, one of 12.3 “for the driver and another of 8” for the rear seats. Everything is managed by a 10 teraflops SoC with Ryzen processors and GPUs based on RDNA 2 architecture. In addition, different devices can be connected via Bluetooth.

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Finally, the Tesla Model S Plaid sells for € 129,000 and it will soon be available for purchase in all countries where Tesla has a presence. At the moment we are waiting for the first drivers to describe their experiences with it.

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