While there are now other manufacturers (some, not all) struggling to produce their new electric cars, Tesla is paving the way to further increase its annual production capacity. The American company is installing more robots at its Fremont (United States) factory, with the aim of increasing the plant’s capacity to beyond 600,000 cars.

This is clear from the construction permits requested by Tesla, in which he asks to expand the number of robots installed in his American factory. More specifically, Elon Musk’s company wants to add MINO Automation robots (without specifying the number). In a factory of this size, the number of large robots can be counted by hundreds.

According to the MINO website, the company specializes in automated construction processes for the automotive industry, with systems for different types of welding, seaming or laser applications. In addition to Tesla, the company has among its customers manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Honda, Peugeot or Toyota.

Most likely they are intended for increase production of the new Tesla Model Y, an electric SUV that could surpass the success of the Model 3 in the coming years. The four Tesla models are currently produced at the Fremont factory, with a production in 2019 of approximately 360,000 cars.

Tesla’s annual production capacity in the US and China, and future factories projected.

However, throughout this year the factory has been adapted to accommodate the Model Y, with more modern and efficient production lines that have increased the annual capacity of the factory to 490,000 cars. The reserved capacity for the Model 3 and Model Y is 400,000 cars, but Tesla wants to increase this number to 500,000 units by the end of this year. If achieved, the total production of the American factory could remain around 600,000 cars manufactured.

We recently learned that the Tesla Model Y has released new production processes, giving rise, among other things, to a rear subframe made by casting in 2 pieces, instead of the 70 parts needed in the Model 3.

The Fremont factory has also made headlines in the past few days after Elon Musk ordered to restart production in full quarantine, and contrary to what was established by California authorities.