Tesla Cybertruck reserves exceed 1.25 million but Elon Musk doubts its success

In just a few months, the reserves of the future Tesla Cybertruck have risen another quarter of a million units, already surpassing 1.25 million reserves since it was introduced in 2019. Still, Elon Musk has stated that he thinks this may be the first failure of the company.

Last May we informed you that the reserves of the Tesla Cybertruck had already exceeded one million units. A symbolic but very relevant figure that shows the interest generated by Tesla’s first pick-up, despite having a rather controversial and polarizing design, which has received numerous criticisms from the outset.

In our opinion, it is one of the best bets of the Californian company, because despite the fact that it militates in a segment with the most traditional clients of the North American market, its risky design is a differentiating argument in favor of the angular pick-up from Tesla. So while it is unlikely that it will be able to match the numbers of its main competitors, such as the Ford F-150Chevrolet Silverado ranges, its daring design can win many fans and customers from other segments.

Her silhouette is unmatched in the industry.

The latest news from future Tesla Cybertruck reserves is that they have already exceeded 1.25 million units, which means that in just over 2 months this list has increased by 25%, with another 250,000 more reserved units.

Unfortunately, this news comes shortly after the confirmation of the delay in the start of production of the model, which should have begun its assembly at the end of this year but which for various reasons has had to be carried over to next year. These delays are related to the completion of the works of the new Tesla factory in Austin, Texas, and the production of the new 4680 batteries, which will be used in the new Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi, the first Tesla truck.


As usual, Elon Musk continues to make controversial and controversial statements on Twitter and the last ones are most curious and are precisely related to the new Tesla Cybertruck, because despite the apparent sales success of the model thanks to its very high number of reservations, the South African businessman admitted just a few days ago that the Cybertruck could be the company’s first commercial failure due to its design. A few words that have already been pronounced by various industry analysts, although as we have already commented previously in this article, the extravagant figure of the pick-up is, in our opinion, one of its main assets to stand out in the most important segment of the market. North American market.

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