Tesla announced that the new production Cybertruck will maintain the size of the original prototype and Elon Musk left the door open for the manufacture of a second smaller electric pick-up.

Last April 17 Elon musk shared in a tweet that the Cybertruck of Tesla It would go into production with a size around 3 percent smaller than the prototype presented, and with a more streamlined design, however, Musk himself has now shared in another publication that the production Cybertruck will be just as large, and that there is probably a possibility of making a second smaller electric pick-up.

“Last night I reviewed the design with Franz (von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer). 3% smaller is too small. It will be more or less of this size (that of the prototype). We will probably do a smaller global pick-up. “

The Tesla Cybertruck It will hit the market towards the end of 2021, while the new smaller model would be global in focus, and undoubtedly more suitable for the European market.

The Cybertruck introduced last year measured 5.89 meters long, 2.02 m wide and 1.90 m high. Tesla considered making it slightly smaller so it could fit in a standard garage space.

Although the pick-up of Tesla It is a huge vehicle by European standards, the truth is that it has dimensions in line with other popular American pick-ups, such as the Ford F-150 wave Chevrolet Silverado.


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