Tesla confirms it will open its Supercharger network to other brands in 2022

Tesla has confirmed that it will open its network of Superchargers to other electric car manufacturers. It will happen, at the latest, in September 2022.

The exclusive comes through Electrek, who have obtained a document from the government of the Vestlandet region in Norway. This describes a communication with Tesla to obtain incentives for the installation of charging points in the region.

But such incentives are offered to providers who install affordable chargers for any brand of electric cars. In the negotiation between Tesla and the Vestlandet government, the company agrees that they plan to open their network to any other manufacturer.

Rumors that Tesla will open its Supercharger network to other automakers have been around for some time. Months ago Elon Musk assured – in an answer to a question from Marques Brownlee – that they can already be used by other brands, although for now it is somewhat discreet.

If real, this would be the first time that Tesla has set a specific date for the opening of its Supercharger network. On June 16, the German transport minister assured that he is in talks with the company to ensure that its charging infrastructure can be used by other brands.

Tesla’s Supercharger network: one of its great advantages

The charging infrastructure is, in fact, one of the great challenges in the transition to electric mobility. That is why the network of superchargers of Tesla It is one of the biggest and most important advantages of the brand over the competition.

Fremont’s company spotted the problem and built it into its strategy early. Today the supercharger network has 2,700 stations around the world and 25,000 charging points.

Considering that Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, it would not be entirely unreasonable for them to start opening their Superchargers to other brands. Especially considering that some efforts, such as IONITY, have been insufficient, in addition to offering a very poor experience.

Additionally, Superchargers’ bidding strategy could change. Initially one of the points in favor to buy vehicles from Tesla, could become an alternative source of income. It could be very significant, allowing more vehicles from more brands to make use of the infrastructure.

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