The current pandemic has left many projects unfinished or with no specific release date, as the closure has forced the industry to take an indefinite pause. Another person who has suffered the consequences of this postponement is Terry Gilliam, who was adapting an idea by Stanley Kubrick.

This was confirmed thanks to an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica (via IndieWire), in which the creative behind 12 Monkeys also stressed that he even had the cast ready and a start date for filming. His statements were as follows:

« I was making a movie that was originally an idea of ​​Stanley Kubrick. There was a script and I already had the cast, but the quarantine has ruined everything. ”

According to the report, September would be the month in which the cameras would go on and begin to capture the vision of the former Monty Python for the mysterious unpublished concept. Although the date was already fixed, it was not wanted to reveal who would be in charge of starring in the production.

One thing is for sure: Gilliam is not a novice with delays. There is the example of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, his “cursed” work that, after years of setbacks by others publicized, finally came to light in 2018. Will something similar happen with this project?

At the moment, the story of the film is unknown, but hopefully more details will be released soon.

This would not be the first time that a Kubrick tape is completed posthumously by a colleague.The same happened when Steven Spielberg challenged himself to bring Artificial Intelligence to the screen, as a tribute to his late friend, who personally left the project in his hands.

Regarding the global health crisis, Gilliam has this opinion:

« The problem is that the world has become so bizarre that what we thought was satire has come true, so I don’t even know how to deal with the world anymore. »

Speaking of Stanley Kubrick, here is a look at all the projects that could not finish.

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