The documentary ‘The Last Dance’, currently broadcast, shows internally what it was like to play for the Chicago Bulls from the time of Michael Jordan, one of the most dominant dynasties in the entire history of the NBA, which was led by MJ himself.

Jordan marked a before and after after his time in the NBA. For many considered as the best player of all time, he managed to eliminate with the Bulls all kinds of rivals that appeared in the playoffs. However, there was only one that resisted him in a face-to-face pairing, and that was Terry cummings.

Michael Jordan, in all the playoff series he played, was always the top scorer except one time (having participated in 37 heats in total). It happened in his rookie season (1984/85), against Milwaukee Bucks (series that beat the Chicago Bulls by a result of 3-1), and where Cummings averaged 29.5 points for the 29.3 that Jordan reached. After that series, no player was able to resist the Bulls legend: Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Patrick Ewing, Charles Brakley, Shaquille O’Neal …

In addition to that achievement, Cummings was named Rookie of the Year in the 1982/83 season with San Diego Clippers (currently Los Angeles Clippers) after averaging 23.7 points and 10.6 rebounds per game, and he participated twice in the NBA All Star Game.