Terror at the Giro d’Italia: cyclist Pieter Serry was run over in the middle of the race by the car of one of the teams

Fortunately, Pieter Serry was able to continue the race.

Photo: Dario Belingheri / AFP / Getty Images

A unusual and unfortunate situation it was lived in the sixth stage of Italy spin. Pieter serry, rider of the Deceuninck – Quick-Step Cycling team, He was run over in the middle of a mountain climb by a car of one of the teams, in this case the Bike Exchange team. The images are incredible: while the cyclist had clearly slowed down, the car behind did not stop and kept going until it hit him from behind, causing him to fall.

Serry, visibly upset, was able to stand up and claim from the driver and co-pilot what had happened. He was assisted by them, seconds before his team reached the point of the incident to take charge of his condition and give him the necessary support.

Fortunately, the Belgian cyclist was able to get on the bike and continue the final 11km of the stage. He reached the finish line without any setback, beyond the pain of the fall and the time he lost compared to other competitors. But the most important thing is that he did not suffer any injuries to regret.

Exemplary sanction

The UCI (International Cycling Union) examined the situation and took action on the matter: the driver of the car was expelled from the race, the Bike Exchange team car will start last in the caravan for tomorrow’s stage, and the club’s sporting director was fined 2,000 Swiss francs, the equivalent of $ 2,200.

The Bike Exchange team apologized to Pieter and the Deceuninck – Quick-Step Cycling team by means of Gene Bates, who was the driver that hit Serry.

Pieter Serry reiterated that he felt good after finishing the day’s stage: “Impressed by all your messages of support. I’m feeling good and I was able to finish today’s stage. Thanks to the Bike Exchange team for their apologies. I am happy to continue this Giro d’Italia with our pack“Wrote the Belgian runner on Twitter.

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