Terracotta, the color that transcends time

This year earth tones have come a long way and among them terracotta has once again won a place in the latest trends in decoration.

Derived from browns, oranges and reds, lovers of warm tones will fall for your feet, especially in autumn.

Terracotta goes wonderfully with roses, especially pale pink and salmon, as even some shades of terracotta border on pink.

One of its most important attractions is that it combines very well, not only with its warm and earth tones, but also complements fantastic with cool colors, such as greens and blues.

It’s amazing how well it harmonizes with neutral tones, worn white, gold, and wood.

Sometimes one or two terra cotta accents is all you need to add the perfect dose of warmth and style to your room.

Your terracotta pots will feel more comfortable than ever.

Walls and furniture are not the only way to include terracotta in your decoration, remember that with textiles, objects, lamps and paintings you will get the result you were looking for in a more sober way.

Although it is a color that refers us to clay and is easily associated with rustic spaces, it is so versatile that in the same way it can accompany modern or minimalist interiors.

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