Terminator and Sarah Connor arrive on Fortnite island

Terminator arrives on the island of Fortnite | Epic games

« Fortnite » season 5 has continued its expansion of characters linked to pop culture with new skins based on the franchise of « Terminator ”.

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Sarah Connor and the T-800 are the latest hunters to join the popular Battle Royale game, following the release of Predator, another character related to Arnold schwarzenegger, earlier this week. The skin of the T-800 features all the iconic character traits, like sparkling eyes, a shiny metal exoskeleton, and more.

Meanwhile, the skin of Sarah Connor is based on the appearance of actress Linda Hamilton in the 1991 movie, « Terminator 2: Judgment Day », with a military vest and round sunglasses.

Both skins will be available as a pack per 2800 V-Bucks, which include a lot of cosmetics, or individually by 1800 V-Bucks for Sarah Connor and 1500 V-Bucks for T-800.

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Other aspects related to pop culture that were released in the season 5 include Kratos of « God of War », Master Chief from « Halo », characters from « The Walking Dead », DC’s Green Arrow and more.