Monday 17 August, 2020

Barcelona and Marc Andre Ter Stegen determined that the player will have a problem involving a tendon in his right knee, which has been dragging him since the beginning of the season. The player is expected to be physically fit in six weeks.

A tough end of the season suffered the German goalkeeper Marc Andre Ter Stegen. In his last game of the football year, the goalkeeper received eight goals against for the first time in his career, in the defeat that Barcelona suffered at the hands of Bayern Munich. All that is to be left behind, and the player will take advantage of his vacation to enter the operating room and have his right knee operated.

The same player made the news known through his social networks. “I am going to have an operation for my knee tendon. Medical experts and I talked about doing this ‘cleaning’ as there were some irritations earlier this season, ”said Ter Stegen.

For its part, Barcelona reported that « it is a proactive measure that is being done now to prevent and prepare for the future, as the player had some irritations to the tendon during the season. »

With this, it is expected that the player can be registered in six weeks, with the aim of losing the fewest number of games in the new season that will begin at the moment on September 12.