Teodoro Maldonado Hospital, with new manager and urgent intervention process

There are complaints about the cleanliness, condition of the equipment and the delay in care and treatment in the Teodoro Maldonado Carbo hospital of the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS)Therefore, the center goes through a total intervention process, but now in a “more aggressive” way.

This was announced yesterday by the president of the IESS Board of Directors, Jorge Wated. He commented that the current manager of the hospital is Danilo Calderón, who led the Quito Sur hospital and who has the challenge of improving processes and aspects that exist in the tertiary hospital, which has been a national reference.

“In a week little things have been resolved in favor of care. Work is being done in the first phase to fully operationalize the areas of operating rooms, gastroenterology, dialysis, the ambulance center, the cauldrons, and the pacemaker clinic. There is a special interest in UCI and respirators, ”he said.

He added that the care provided will also be taken care of, such as the air conditioning in the dialysis room.

With regard to health personnel, Wated assured that they will have their appointments, that the Law will be complied with, but it must be done well because there were people who wanted to “put themselves through the window one way or another”; however, a study has already been done to find out who really worked in the health crisis and who did not. « There are 1,110 appointments that would be delivered until the end of this month, » he explained.