Tenth winter storm in Coahuila with snowfalls not seen for more than 30 years

Saltillo, Coah.- The tenth winter storm caused, mainly in the north of Coahuila, intense snowfall and freezing temperatures for the rest of the municipalities.

In Ciudad Acuña they had not seen snow for 36 years, and after Monday’s polar storm, the inhabitants of this municipality, on the border between Coahuila and Texas, took various precautions.

“If I had seen snow like this, in ’85, right here; in January 1985, right now it is very strong, it is stronger than that of Tuesday. For this snowfall we prepare ourselves with blankets, with gas and well enclosed ”, said Marco Esparza, a resident of Ciudad Acuña.

From 5:50 a.m., Ciudad Acuña reported the second snowfall of this 2021, and like that registered on Monday, the meteorological phenomenon collapsed some of the basic services and roads.

Municipal authorities report a thermal sensation that ranges from -6 degrees Celsius and with a rainfall of 20 centimeters that made most of the activities impossible.


The municipal coordination of Civil Protection in the Northern Region, led by Francisco Contreras Obregón, reported that federal highways 2 and 29, corresponding to the Acuña-Jiménez and Zaragoza-Acuña sections are closed to avoid accidents due to ice on the asphalt.

The Acuña-Piedras Negras highway is also open with a carousel operation. In Piedras Negras, the collapse of services is not reported at the moment.

In the rest of the state, conditions are freezing weather. “Here we are supplying gas, because we have to prepare ourselves, they say that all this is very difficult and we have to prepare,” said Cristina Aguilar, a resident of the municipality of Saltillo, who added that she had bought food and bottled water so as not to go out in case the climate reaches extreme to the region.

The splendid natural gas establishments detailed that sales increased this week.

“Now you are seeing more sales, now with these cold; people are preparing, in fact they are carrying more than normal. They think there won’t be something, but there will be, ”said Alejandro Valdivia, a gas station worker.

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