Tension threads; the treatment that gives you young skin free of surgeries | Unsplash

Currently there are endless beauty treatments to maintain young and wrinkle-free skin despite the years. However, many of these treatments can cause great pain and can even be a health risk that many women are not willing to run.

Fortunately, technology and beauty treatments for skin care and counteract skin aging They have focused on processes that do not require the scalpel and that are free of pain, such is the case of tension threads, a new treatment that has become popular in the beauty and fashion industry.

What are tensioning threads?

Tension threads is a material used to make cardiac surgery sutures since it enhances the cohesion of the cells. This material is very compatible in the human body and does not cause any type of negative or allergic reaction on the skin. This treatment is used for anti-aging skin and sagging face.

This treatment has become popular in recent months because it does not require surgery and there is no pain. These threads are applied to the dermis (the main layer of the skin) with the help of a very fine needle, which, by not generating incisions, does not leave scars, making the changes noticeable more quickly.

Tension threads; the treatment that gives you young skin free of surgeries. Unsplash

Benefits of tensioning threads on the skin

The tightening threads manage to tighten the skin making small wrinkles disappear and to reaffirm your face. The tension is created by repositioning the skin that has fallen over time, creating smoother and firmer skin. Between the layers of the skin, the tension threads produce collagen and elastin. This is reflected in the face with the following factors:

Expression wrinkles
 Wrinkles on the forehead
 Cheek lift
 Raise your eyebrows
 Reaffirms the neck and dewlap
 Improves the appearance of the chin

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