Tenoch Huerta will be Marvel villain and social networks go crazy

Black Panther 2, featuring Tenoch Huerta, is expected to begin filming in the middle of next year in Atlanta.

The artist would join Salma Hayek and Michael Peña as natives of Mexico who join the MCU

But he would be the first to play a villain role in the films of this Disney franchise.

Whenever a Mexican succeeds in the United States (USA) or some other foreign market, it is a cause for both celebration and criticism. It has not been different in the case of actor Tenoch Huerta. Since yesterday afternoon that Marvel announced that pre-production of the Black Panther sequel had begun. As part of the announcement, the official account of the brand in Latin America revealed that the Mexican artist would be part of the cast as a villain.

Throughout the last 15 hours, since the news was published on the Marvel account, users have been commenting on the arrival of Tenoch Huerta to the MCU. The topic has not stopped being a trend despite the fact that it is already relatively “old”, by social media standards. By 08:30 hours in Mexico City (CDMX), the artist’s name was positioned as one of the most discussed topics on Twitter. Many of them celebrated this casting.

Of course, there are also those who took advantage of the theme of Tenoch Huerta for their criticism. Some took the opportunity to attack Chumel Torres, who at some point got into a fight with the actor. Still others made fun of the so-called “whitexicans” and those who are jealous of the success of people like Yalitza Aparicio and the new Marvel villain. On the other side of the coin, there are those who felt that the choice of artist in the Black Panther cast was not ideal.

Mexico makes its way into Hollywood (and it’s not just Tenoch)

Although it is not the first time that a Mexican actor enters large productions in the US or on a global scale, it does seem that the inclusion of these artists in Hollywood is accelerating. Like Tenoch Huerta in the MCU, Diego Luna also announced a week ago that he is preparing a Star Wars spin-off in which he will participate. According to, his character Cassian Andor would be the owner of this new project within the Disney franchise.

Related Notes

From a business perspective, it is not uncommon for Hollywood to decide to integrate more Mexican artists like Tenoch into its productions. According to Statista, Mexico generated in 2019 one billion dollars (mdd) at the box office. With this figure, it became one of the ten countries that contributes the most income to the film industry. So there is a significant incentive for the population to be reflected on the screen and to invest in tickets.

But even within the US, Marvel’s largest market on a global scale, it is important to be attractive to the Mexican-origin population. According to the Pew Research Center, by 2017 there were already around 36.6 million Mexican-Americans in the country. Although they have a culture very different from that of consumers within the Republic, they also feel more identification on screen with artists like Tenoch. Something that affects the willingness to buy.

Other samples of Mexican influence in Hollywood

Along with Tenoch Huerta, Yalitza Aparicio has also been described as a great success story for Hollywood. In large part due to the fact that it has been used by the film industry to promote an image of inclusion within the market. The marketing team behind its successes have allowed it to become a symbol of Mexico in the rest of the world, despite its critics. And it has even been able to push for some changes from its trench.

But it’s not just people like Tenoch and Yalitza who are leaving the mark of Mexico in Hollywood. Traditions such as the Day of the Dead have also been assimilated for US films, especially after their appearance in the 007 saga. Again, it is an example of how it is about attracting the public of this country to movie theaters both with images and with familiar artists. Something that, in one way or another, globalizes culture.