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Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta launched his new project “Extended Version” on the YouTube platform, which was created to “maintain sanity” in the pandemic and use the space to “ask the questions that nobody wants to ask.”

In the first installment, Huerta talks about racism on television, both in Mexico, as well as in the entertainment industry and advertising in general.

“After being casted only as a black thief, brown hobo, poor brown and dark brown, my second favorite hobby is pointing out the latent racism that exists in society,” Huerta said during the presentation of his first video.

With data and studies, Huerta, together with Estefanía Veloz and Panch Parra, expose the racism that exists in the media, where the people who mostly appear in the picture are white, in a country where 60% of the population identifies as brown .

In addition to remembering the definition of racism, the actors defined concepts such as “international Latino”, which is the appearance that is most sought after in castings: white people, but not blonde or with light-colored eyes, but dark hair and eyes; They explain why races or racism in reverse do not really exist – during the video they remember the case of actor Mauricio Martínez who complained on Twitter because he had been denied roles for being white with green eyes.

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