Tennis player Steve Johnson goes to the next phase of Wimbledon after winning in the sixty-fourth finals


On 07/01/2021 at 02:30 CEST

Steve Johnson, American, number 74 of the ATP, won in one hour and fifty-nine minutes by 7 (9) -6 (7), 6-2 and 7-5 to the Austrian player Dennis Novak, number 122 of the ATP, in the sixty-fourth of the final of Wimbledon. With this result, we will continue to see the winner of the match in the 30th finals of Wimbledon.

During the game, Johnson managed to break the serve 4 times to his opponent, had a 59% effectiveness in the first service, committed 3 double faults and managed to win 71% of the service points. As for Novak, he managed to break serve once, achieved 64% effectiveness, made 5 double faults and won 61% of service points.

Johnson will play in the 30th finals of the championship against the American player Taylor fritz, number 40 and seeded number 31.

The tournament Wimbledon Individual Masc. It is held on open-air grass and a total of 238 players face each other and a total of 128 enter the final phase among those who qualify directly, those who manage to win in the rounds prior to the championship and the invited players. Likewise, its celebration takes place between June 21 and July 12 in London.

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