Tennis player Ellen Perez passes Wimbledon round


On at 14:45 CEST

Ellen perez, Australian, number 231 in the WTA, won in the qualifying qualifying round at Wimbledon in 45 minutes by 6-0 and 6-3 to the Austrian tennis player Julia Grabher, number 189 of the WTA. After this result, the winner will be in the next round of Wimbledon.

Grabher failed to break serve at all, while Perez did 4 times. Likewise, the Australian player achieved 64% effectiveness in the first service, committed 3 double faults and took 77% of the service points, while her rival obtained 74% effectiveness, committed 3 double faults and got win 45% of the service points.

In the tournament London (Wimbledon Singles Fem.) a qualification phase is previously carried out where the tennis players with the lowest rankings face to get the highest possible points to enter the official tournament with the rest of the applicants. During this part of the competition, in particular, a total of 128 tennis players face each other. In addition, it takes place from June 21 to July 11 on outdoor grass.

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